Should it really come as a surprise that ignorant tweets about Asians are floating around in the wake of the release of the reboot of Red Dawn where good ole’ young (mostly) white Americans fight off an invasion of evil Chinese North Korean hordes?

Various websites, like the good folks at Racebending, have already collected some of these offending tweets, which you can read below.

I know there are people who are shocked and surprised to learn that such sentiments still exist, but the fact is they’ve always existed—nothing new about that. But that leads me to the one thing that I think is great about twitter and other social media platforms.

In the past, it was much harder to know what your average in-bred racist hick was thinking because it wasn’t as easy to broadcast your thoughts/feelings/emotions to the masses. Now with twitter and its ilk, we can read what they’re thinking in real time as it happens. And as disturbing as these tweets may be, they also offer a fascinating glimpse into the mind of…well, your average in-bred racist hick. And what I’ll say is the idiocy on display is usually downright hilarious.

And yes, in-bred racist hicks, that means I’m laughing at you, not with you.


  1. Just a few points. I don’t see the racism in the first (Holly Hobson) tweet, the “Wendy Gomez” tweeter looks Asian, and finally, I think it is dangerous to represent this kind of anti-Asian racism as the work of in-bred racist hicks.

    The movie itself, which is likely entirely exploiting racial stereotypes, was not made by hicks. In fact, the film-makers are probably highly educated, well-travelled, liberals who would be the first to point the finger of racism if any other ethnic group was represented like this.

    We’ve got to start admitting to ourselves that some of the worst and unapologetic anti-Asian racists are the kind of white (and black) “progressives” that we look to as models for our own flourishing.

  2. Why is Kiel Pitzer’s tweet not a felony?

  3. Several liberal, highly educated “friends” of mine shared the same sentiments after watching the movie. So yes, B is correct in saying that not all racists are in-bred racist hicks, and, as a matter of fact, racism runs rampant in our society disguised as jokes/stories/movies.
    We should ask ourselves why in the era when we’re fighting terrorism that film-makers are sparking an anti-Asian sentiment. Is it just that easy to pick on the Asians? How come at a time a video that’s not even distributed to the masses sparred all kinds of conflicts in the Middle East; yet a major studio was allowed to remake “Red Dawn”?
    People’ll probably laugh it off as being too overly sensitive, but is it? How many people have been attacked on the streets because of their appearances this past week? I bet it’s escalated from pre-‘Red Dawn’.

  4. the screenwriter is a well known hawk, and the money MGM and studios put into it just goes to show the media racism against Asians is still prevalent.

    however, the key question here is what about the Asians like Will Yun Lee that partook in this BS thinking it’s going to be about Chinese invaders (as he does for all his villain roles) and the other KKKoreans like KKKeng Jeong who plays nothing but evil Chinese characters in his movies?

    and of course KKKoji Sakai wrote that “Chink” movie – so the intra-Asian racism is all there.

    and I’m not ruling out Matthew Moy for his BS either, but face it: Asians are our own worst enemies.

  5. We’ve got to start admitting to ourselves that some of the worst and unapologetic anti-Asian racists are the kind of white (and black) “progressives” that we look to as models for our own flourishing.

    [Citation Needed]

  6. Why hasn’t this website complained about all the movies with black heroes fighting and killing white bad guys (Bad Boys II, Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son, Medea’s Witness Protection, Alex Cross)? And why isn’t it complaining about the many Chinese movies that have been made in the last few decades which negatively portray white people? Oh wait, I already know the answer: because this website has a racist double standard against white people.

  7. @God Loves White People The Most
    I can’t tell if your name is a joke, but judging it. A lot.

  8. @God Loves White People The Most

    Because this site is run by racists.

  9. @God Loves White People the Most, Yo, we love white people. Some of my best friends are white.

    I’m God and I approved this message.

  10. Chinese movies that negatively portray white people? Which movies specifically? Or is whiteboy here just using strawman arguments and false flags to reify and justify his own racism?

    The only one remotely close is Jet Li’s early movies about anti-Imperialism. Even then, it’s not shown whites as without humanity as Haole-wood has shown Asians to be.

  11. hah, the majority cannot be oppressed by the minority. The very definition of oppression is the exercise of authority or power from a majority to a minority. Also, i know some of you will argue this, but “majority” and “minority” does not only equate in population size—economic power/media/financial-social class are also contributed in deeming who is the majority and minority.

  12. @God Loves White People the Most: Show me, whenever a Jackie Chan movie comes out, the mass tweets of Asians saying they’re out to kill white people. I dare ya.

  13. Fuck MGM for making this garbage. I’m so sick of Hollywood painting Asians in such a negative way. B, M and z commenters above are all on point. Hollywood could’ve cast an Asian American guy to join those teenagers to show that Asian Americans are indeed Americans and patriotic, not just white people, but instead they took the deplorable racist approach by making it an all white American team. This was a racially-motivated movie and intentionally done.

    Don’t even get me started on Mathew Moy and Ken Jeong…

  14. “Why is Kiel Pitzer’s tweet not a felony?”

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe a little thing called Freedom of Speech? A specific, credible threat against someone could be considered assault. But “kinda wanna” do something to nobody in particular is nothing. That you would wish it a felony is what is scary. And we’ve always had scapegoats in our movies. In the 40s Germans, in the 50s and 60s Communists, then Russians, Middle East terrorists, so now it is North Koreans. And there have been plenty of Caucasian bad guys over the years too.

  15. Stupid Gaijins! We have already conquered their country w/our electronic devices, fuel efficient cars, pedo-inducing animes & mangas & MSG-laced instand noodles! We even have them rhythmically dry humping to the musical stylings of middle-aged S.Korean! HA! To quote most honorable Mr. Fist of the North Star: “They’re already dead but they don’t even know it!” Kapow!

  16. This is a fine example of American hypocrisy. You got someone as mighty-looking as Will Yun Lee and he only plays the Yellow Peril. And you can see how impressionable these youths are when Asians are villified (or any other non-white group). However, if Asians were idolized, made into heroes, then they’d hate and resent that, too.

    I already have it my mind that Will Yun Lee could play Batman Beyond or some kind of Asian James Bond. The problem is, if it was funded by Hollywood, it’d be too potent.

    It would change the course of American history as we know it. (laughing maniacally)

  17. @Chris

    I doubt people are going to think it’s “funny” if an Asian, black, arab, mexican, or any other person of color posted a tweet about kinda wanting to kill some white people. Cops would jump on that crap in no time.

  18. apparently Chris missed the memo that 99% of Haolewood heroes are white and 1% is Will Smith. which negates any sort of negative whitey protrayals by racist Haolewood execs.

    and Chris will get a fail in film school with his ignorance of Haolewood villains have consistently been Asian since the silent era.

    as for accukrak: it’s your white suburban teenagers’ fault for being stupid and not able to come up with your own original music and have to imitate blacks by driving up the violence and now Kpop for the Asian stereotypes.

  19. see Duke and Xris’ comments.

    What’s with all the side-sniping at black folks in this thread?
    No black person had a damned thing to do with this movie, nor is any black person supporting it, and to the best of my knowledge, no black people are even in it.
    Seems anytime Asians get bent out of shape about something it”s not long before the black-bashing starts.
    As Chris Rock said, “That train is never late!”

    Seems whites aren’t the only ones who can’t contain their utter hatred for other races.

  20. Brent, if you’re black then you’re being overly sensitive. Nowhere have I said anything negative against blacks.

    Connor Cruise is one of the main characters in it, and it’s in thanks to his Scientology daddy.

    it’s not a false statement to say that only Will Smith is the black movie star that exists.

    the comment about suburban white kids and gangsta raps is actually in defense of the fact that white kids try to act “hard core” and thus have producers actually promote inner city violence in hopes of selling albums.

    again, you’re being overly defensive and never about defending Asians like that NAACP lawsuit against Asian students in NYC high-tech high-schools.

  21. All racism, any intolerance or hatred, ever really comes down to is simply that *THEY* are not *US*. They are different – wether it be colour, creed, nation or culture – and somehow that makes them not quite human, a thing to be feared or hated or scorned.

    Why does skin colour still matter so much, after all this time? It’s a paint job, nothing more.
    What matters, in the end, is what you have in your head, your heart, and your soul, and the choices that you make.

    A monster can wear any skin. So can a Saint. Stop reacting, start thinking, and just deal with.

  22. @Dix

    You make a valid argument. I agree that assholes come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are those from every background who are putting Red Dawn on blast. Many Asian Americans, including myself, are simply doing what we should have been doing calling out ignorance and hatred when we see it instead of just ignoring it like many Asians have done in the past. We are finally starting to get a voice in the American public that everyone regardless of color ought to be treated with respect. I was one of those individuals who was taught to simply “ignore the problem” but after dealing with this for several decades, at some point you have to take a stand against these kinds of individuals and say enough is enough, because can never just “ignore” it, especially when its being driven by Hollywood. You must stop this kind of irrational nurturing of racist threat construction before it grows to something formidable and ubiquitous among non-Asians.


  23. guys come on, stop being racist towards Asians and get back to focus on who we really need to be pre-judging, hating, and focussed on; Middle Easterners.

  24. I wish Asian American actors such as Will Yun Lee, Ken Jeong, etc. would STOP taking these types of roles that negatively portray/stereotype east/southeast Asians. I realize they’re just actors, but I wish they would take some responsibility in their choices of roles/actions.

  25. @camille

    It’s not that simple. The casting process isn’t in their favor, so they have to go where the work is. And when Asian Americans do come together to create their own things, it comes off as incredibly esoteric or “wannabe”.

    Also, if you don’t like these Asian actors “representing” you, then you have to step up and represent yourself in the media. As I’ve suggested before, YouTube is a very viable venue for this.

    You represent yourself (or give a version of yourself) to the public that you think will best advance you in society. And hopefully it inspires others and those that can actually make a difference in media.

  26. @Igor, the bleeding heart pseudo-liberals of Haole-wood goes on hyperdrive trying to portray Arabs with sensitivity and humanity in certain movies.

    of course there are tons of BS 24 type of shows, but the pseudo-liberals try to balance it out with humanist portrayals of Muslims.

    @Eastfist, youtube is great; but you mean the type of content by the prominent apologists on youtube that blames Asians ourselves for everything?

    the BS about how Asians are the ones at fault and thus blame the victims for racial animosity against Asians? those youtube channels?

    those of us who are trying to have some dignity and are actually out there in the trenches auditioning and wasting time and gas day after day are actually the ones who are censored and blacklisted for speaking out.

    Asians are our own worst enemies; especially the apologist ones like KKKoji of this blog with the BS “Chink” movie…

    Asians deserve everything they get in media and society because they’re whorientals.

  27. @crazy MMer

    “Asians deserve everything they get in media and society because they’re whorientals.”

    Some Asians do. They apologize for eating rice or not speaking English fluently or not having blonde hair (or whatever the current standards are). So they go the quickest route for instant validation.

    I agree with you, but I probably would have found a more subliminal way of communicating it. You know, to be more pedagogical.

  28. I hear ya, bro; but I’m too tired of dealing with BS to try the inception route and opt for the blunt axe method. ^_^

  29. Its Just a Movie Boys And Girls no need 2 stress yourself i mean ain’t we all stress out enough,
    The real deal is One color doesn’t make the rainbow beautiful at all i mean it need all the other one too, 2 b complete……………

  30. by the way i am “Asian” and if the movie was the other way around i would still like the white people because i got some white friend that are cool a$$ hell i mean, they party real hard and are understanding at all time……….

  31. Wtf?! It’s a movie, one that is twisted in its on way. I don’t see why they couldn’t stick to the original bad guys from Russia, but anyways :P. It’s EXTREMELY sad that Americans take what happens in a movie as the word of the Bible. The new intellect of the 21st century. It’s both scary and funny…..scary-funny….

  32. If you think being racist should be against the law you have downs because its freedom of speech and just because ur eyes can’t open don’t meet u need to be a bitch so go consume your weird penises

  33. can we all just focus on how fucking bad the movie was? you ignorant sons of bitches are too fucking uncultured and blind to see what shit you paid $7-10 for.