A Las Vegas woman who was caught on video saying racist shit to her Filipino neighbor, Dexter Manawat, has apologized for her rant and says she’s not racist.

You can see the video above, but here’s a sampling of the woman’s choice words directed at Manawat. Apparently, her anger coming from the fact that leaves from Manawat’s tree were falling on her property:

“Orange motherfucker!” Go back to where you came from!”

“(You’re from) From some piece of shit, Manila-ass, fucking ghetto living under a tarp piece of shit land. You’re just like one fucking generation out of the jungle, like fucking loin-cloth wearers!”

And my favorite, referring to Filipinos as “orange savages”.

So is calling Filipinos “orange” a thing now? Because if so, I think I missed that memo which is what I get for constantly blowing off my local KKK meetings.

In an interview with local news station KTNV, the racist woman insisted she isn’t racist and said, “I stooped to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry. I wasn’t raised that way.”

Uh, sorry white lady, but: