Hello again RACIST AUSTRALIA, you are really the country that keeps on giving. This time let’s head over to Melbourne and to a little ice cream store (Paradise Gelato) who have workers who are Asian background. A note was found left in the store targeting the Asian workers there stating:


And it ends with a sad face emoji. This is one of the many RACIST notes targeting Asians found in Australia and in many ways its quite threatening and shows just how far behind Australia is when it comes to embracing cultural diversity – like I mean for real, not just the cosmetic talk from the politicians. Luckily, the store owners were angered by this note targeted at their workers and one of the co-owners ( known as Andrew) posted a picture of the RACIST note on the store’s Facebook page. The post also stated that there were 2 workers who were Asian background. One was a volunteer teaching assistant and wanted to teach English in Japan, while the other Asian worker in the store spoke 7 languages. 

Here is more from Daily Mail:

His response said the Japanese woman who worked at the shop was a volunteer teaching assistant wanting to teach English in Japan while his partner spoke seven languages.

It read: ‘School yourself before you drop off a note like this in our shop! What have you done with your life?

‘If it offends you so much, kindly don’t come in, it’s as simple as that. No need to spread hate!’

The response from Team Paradise added there was no such thing as ‘Asian Gelato’ – ‘in the same way, there’s no such thing as “Asian pizza” or “Australian sushi”.’

Mr Lee told Daily Mail Australia, though, the initially shocking incident had become one of the most ‘heartwarming’ times of his life as other business owners and customers offered their support.

Customers of the suburban store, some of whom the shop’s owner said come three to four times a week, rushed to its defence after the vile post was shared online.

Many of the regular customers to Paradise Gelato also expressed their disgust at the RACIST note, and this note definitely shows the hate which is still out there. Again as Asian Australians and as POC Australians we really need to be more vigilant and be ready to combat this RACISM because it is not going to get any better any time soon.

Images via Daily Mail

To read the original article, please click on: ‘Go back to where you came from, slopeheads’: Racist note targeting Asian workers is left at an ice cream store