Are you ready for this? Well if you are please read on, if not maybe skip the next few lines. Having read about this, I am abhorred and absolutely disgusted that groups like this even exist – but really are we surprised? If y’all remember, KELLY MARIE TRAN was driven off social media when she was bombarded with online harassment by mostly RACISTS and misogynistic women hating men who believe that “diversity” has killed the purity of the STAR WARS franchise.

Offender Anderson recently wrote a post when KELLY MARIE TRAN left social media and spoke about why she is important and why we all need to continue to support her. Anyways, an update to this story is that a RACIST hate group has come out to claim credit for the online harassment against KELLY MARIE TRAN and claimed credit for driving her off social media. They call themselves “Give Us Legends” and they are essentially a Star Wars fandom terrorist organization. Here is their statement which they posted online:

Making Star Wars continues this story:

The group uses the language of terror to conduct “spoiler Jihads” and attempts to unite disenfranchised dregs to their cause of attacking progressive stories from Lucasfilm and to ensure a happy Star Wars fanbase cannot exist online. The group is radically against diversity, feminism (aka the belief in the equality of the sexes), and most of all, in a prolonged tantrum, they want Star Wars books published a long time ago to be canonized. It should be noted that this group is not the only “Give Us Legends” group and not all of them are behaving like “Legends” group in the picture below titled Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys.

This group believes it succeeded in its targeted harassment of Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran, the stars of the current Star Wars sequel trilogy. In order to do this it relied on racial slurs, sexist comments, dehumanizing language, and just about every form of targeted harassment you can imagine.

This hate group’s actions have caused many in the mainstream media to ask “What the hell is wrong with Star Wars fans?” These are not Star Wars fans. This isn’t us. These are politically motivated bad actors using the platform that is fandom to wage a culture war they lost a long time ago. You don’t want black people in Star Wars? That happened, has happened, and will continue to happen. You don’t want female leads in Star Wars? Too late, it already happened. They’re about to finish a trilogy about a young woman Jedi and there’s already been a spin-off film to pick up that same angle with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I believe these hate groups know this and the movement is actually about the real world rather than the imagined ones.

Well all I can say is what a fucking bunch of assholes. Cowards who are afraid of strong women and people of color. It is so laughable that driving a young and talented actress off social media is this groups “proud moment” – it shows that they are just a bunch of butthurt RACIST MRAs who have nothing else in life to look forward to except sit behind their computer screens as keyboard warriors/bullies.

I will end with the message YOMYOMF has for our beloved KELLY MARIE TRAN:

Kelly. Kelly! You are our homie. We truly admire you, not only for being a role model to millions of fans, young and new, but also for your drive, tenacity, and sheer talent. You are the epitome of the American dream, as well as a success story in the dream factory known as Hollywood. Don’t let these assholes take you down. Just do you, boo!

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