Yes this just happened. A racist nursery rhyme poking fun at Chinese people was taught at an unnamed school in Aubervilliers, a northeastern suburb of Paris. Outrage over the racist nature of this nursery rhyme erupted after an Asian French parent posted a video of this nursery rhyme online according French media outlet  Le Figaro on December 26. The origins of where this nursery rhyme was created is still unknown but you can imagine social media blowing up over it – and why not, considering how racist it is. Chinese social media in particular condemned French education authorities. Safe to say this nursery rhyme has since been banned from being used in French schools.

Titled Zhang, my little Chinese, it is about (via SCMP):

“Zhang squats down to eat rice”
 “his eyes are so small, awfully small”,
 “his head is swaying like a ping pong ball bouncing around”

SCMP continues this story:

“We have zero tolerance for things related to national dignity,” a person wrote on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

“If they continue to teach and spread such hatred and discrimination, the children will not grow up with healthy minds,” another person said.

Others said that anyone who had been angered by the racist lyrics should consider their own prejudices.

“We refer to Japanese, Korean and Western people using racist terms. Shouldn’t we think about our own problem of discrimination as well?” one person said.

Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, a French group that seeks to fight racism and discrimination, was among the people who shared the social media post.

My 2 cents worth? Well I am glad that the French Education authorities removed and banned the usage of the nursery rhyme, but it doesn’t take away that it is undoubtedly racist and again it is racist towards the Chinese. It is funny how people do not see how this is so wrong and how this teaches a new generation of young French kids about how to be racist. The French and much of Europe has continually been embroiled in racist situations such as this. It is shit at all levels.

Anyways, let us know what y’all think…

Images via SCMP

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