Wow oh wow – the blatant RACISM just doesn’t stop here in Australia. An Indian Australian man from Melbourne was just doing his grocery shopping. When he returned to his car he found a note stuck to his window stating:


Out of fear for his family, the man who received the note decided to remain anonymous. But his friend Jasmine spoke to Australian media outlet Junkee about whether she felt this was a targeted racial attack. This is what she said:

Yes of course. He’s Indian”.
“I was outraged,” Jasmine told Junkee. “I love Australia… and fortunately I have not been a victim of direct racial slurs.”
“This person [the victim] is a law abiding, tax paying, true citizen. What has skin colour to do with anything? Didn’t the Aussies come as immigrants and convicts? Bigotry is cowardice.”

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission also weighed in with this comment:

“This kind of racist intimidation must be rejected and condemned. It mustn’t be allowed to become part of what is deemed normal or acceptable.”
“The tone of public debates has a powerful effect in signalling what is and isn’t acceptable,” he said. “When public figures endorse prejudice and intolerance, it can embolden a minority of our society to vent their bigotry.”

My 2 cents worth? Well I shared the original post on my Facebook and of course I am angry and outraged. 

We Asian Australians keep experiencing this type of casual racism and get told constantly we do not belong here. Racism in Australia is alive and kicking and is not improving or getting any better.

Let us know what y’all think…

Images via Junkee

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