Yup, racist assholes continue to be idiots. Take the example of this dude on a New York City train who went on an anti-Asian racist tirade against…wait for it…a white woman whom he apparently was convinced was “Chinese”.

According to the 21-year-old white Brooklyn woman who was the recipient of racist asshole’s ire: “I myself am a little bit of an anxious person and I was getting weird vibes from him. He wasn’t giving me a dirty look per se, but he was staring.”

She asked him to stop staring and he “started asking the surrounding people if I had a right to tell him to stop staring, and said I had less of a right because I was Asian.”

Check out the exchange that followed in the video above.

A stupid racist asshole dick…what a catch!


  1. Sorry, but I cannot support the ideologies of the NEW ARRIVALS, FRESH OFF THE BOAT. Don’t you think we are 3 to 5 generations strong? There is such a thing as an indigenous American-Asian. Asian American is a misnomer. American Asian is the issue. This is why I am so against George Takei. He is so ditsy and overly concerned with his sexuality that he can’t tell the difference between the color and the actual issue and reality of immigration. We Asian Immigrants are not all the same, we are different. The indigenous Asians are the ones who suffered and worked hard, not the new arrivals.