“Queens” is a dedication to the borough I was born and raised in and for the Asian Americans who rarely see themselves in the media. The comedy series follows Sarah, a Taiwanese American, dumped by her now out-the-closet gay fiance, and must rethink her future with the help of her best friends, Kim and Gia.

“Insecure” captures the authentic encounters of modern Black women, and the changing neighborhoods of Los Angeles through Issa’s L.A. native point of view. Like “Insecure”, I wanted to create a series that reflects my experience growing up in Queens, and represent the modern Asian American female experience. I wrote the main characters based on myself and two of my childhood best friends. We were a trio with opposite personalities and family backgrounds. One was incredibly direct and didn’t care for anyone’s nonsense, was born in Bolivia and of Korean descent. Another was of mixed Taiwanese and European race, very light hearted, and a late bloomer who graduated from college later in life. Then there’s me, somewhere between the both of them, from a conservative Taiwanese family, but took the artist’s path despite my family’s opinions. We were brash, loud, and constantly joking on each other, but always had each other’s backs. I had never seen Asian American female friendships depicted in the media like mine.

Sarah, Gia, and Kim are like Molly and Issa, they fight, and then they laugh. They go through the ups and downs of romantic relationships, family dynamics, and career hurdles. Through “Queens”, I hope Asian American women can see more of themselves reflected in our culture, and for everyone to relate to these universal experiences. Our trailer is coming soon, and I can’t wait to show you how we brought these women to life.

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Website: https://www.queensseries.com/