When I first started making films at 21 right out of Berkeley, I could count on one hand the queer Asian filmmakers I could identify: Gregg Araki, Richard Fung, Ming Ma and Tran Trang. Flash forward to19 years later, a new generation has emerged both nationally and internationally. Over the weekend, I had the privilege to attend events and screenings at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and hang out with a small community of queer Asians who are festival programmers, producers, writers, and directors. Being the party guy that I am, I organized a small reception for the queer filmmakers during the film festival at friend’s downtown loft and we all had a fantastic time networking with each other.

Here’s a new crop of Q&A filmmakers and their works that I’m keeping an eye out for:

Cal Arts’ to-be-graduate ANDREW AHN’s short “Andy” proves to be a thoughtful and disturbing little gem. I believe Andrew is still finishing his thesis, which is semi-autobiographical and semi-fictional.

YVETTE CHOI made “Part Time Lover,” a fun lesbian karaoke short made on Hi-8 with a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia and lesbian camp. I look forward to seeing more of Yvette’s works.

KEVYN FONG has shown comedic talent in his student short “Beauty Brawl” and I hope he starts making a new film soon.

JASON KARMAN’s “I’m in the Mood for Love” is a charming short lovingly shot on 35mm. Jason is definitely a film buff and is at work on his second narrative short on square dancing. Can’t wait to see that!

The Indonesia-based and L.A. educated LUCKY KUSWANDI made the ultra-campy ass-kicking drag queen superhero movie “Madame X.” It’s Lucky’s first feature and I look forward to his next one.

Iranian American ABDI NAZEMIAN’s “Revolution” is sexy and well-told. I have little doubt that Abdi will soon be making a feature.

NINA REYES ROSENBERG’s “Organism” shows filmmaking promise and some hot lesbian scenes but I must admit I’m slightly confused by the ending. Nevertheless, it’s a decent NYU student short.

I’ve heard excellent buzz about CASPER WONG’s feature documentary “Lulu Sessions” although I have not seen it. Next festival!


  1. Quentin! Thanks so much for the blog and I’m glad you enjoyed my video. The Festival has been a blast for sure! FYI, my video is not a lesbian film nor lesbian-camp. It’s a Queer film with lesbians, gay boys, trannys, bi-folx and genderqueers… poly all the way. Quit it with the old habits, woulda? 🙂

  2. BTW Yvette, are those interlaced artifacts intentional? I saw them both at the screening and on your Vimeo video.

  3. i heart artifacts. hi q and y!

  4. Much appreciate. Really! You helped paved the way.