Yesterday, Psychology Today posted a blog on its site entitled “Why are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” Written by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa and based on his research, he came to the “objective” conclusion that “black women are significantly less physically attractive than women of other races.” Not surprisingly (unless you spend your days burning crosses in a white hood or work as editors of Psychology Today), the piece was met with immediate outrage and was taken down less than a day later (though you can read it in its entirety here).

Now, I want all the beautiful Black ladies reading this (and I know there are a lot of you) to know that I too am outraged by this article; especially as an Asian American male because we share many similarities when it comes to this issue of “physical attractiveness,” which I’ll expand on in a moment. But first, a quick overview of Kanazawa’s study.

Kanazawa throws around a lot of fancy-sounding terms like “factor analysis” to describe how he got his results. I don’t know what any of that means but it sounds all scientific and official so I’m sure it’s bullshit, but I’ll let others more knowledgeable than me attack him on that. All I know is that through whatever methods, he has reached the conclusion that Black women are “significantly” less attractive than everyone else in existence. But he takes it further and points out that Black women are also delusional and think of themselves as all that when they’re not:

“It is very interesting to note that, even though black women are objectively less physically attractive than other women, black women…subjectively consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than others.”

Then, being the diligent scientist that he is, Kanazawa continues to examine why Black women are so unattractive. Could it be the “fact” that they are “heavier” weight-wise than other women? No, he doesn’t think this is it. Could it have something to do with the “race difference in intelligence”? Again, the answer would be no though if anyone knows what that term even means, I’d like an explanation. Could it be because Blacks have higher “mutation loads”? Again, I have no idea what the fuck that is unless it’s some zombie fetish porn term, but again, another no. It’s…well, I think it’s much better if I let the good doctor tell it in his own words:

“The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone. Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being an androgen (male hormone), affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently. Men with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore more physically attractive. In contrast, women with higher levels of testosterone also have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive. The race differences in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races, while (net of intelligence) black men are more physically attractive than men of other races.”

Yup, Black women are less attractive than other women because they’re too fucking manly! Of course, there’s no proof offered for this, but hey, it’s gotta be true ‘cause it’s in Psychology Today. Heil, Psychology Today!

But Kanazawa’s “conclusion” helps make a point I’ve always felt was true—that Asian American men and African American women have a lot in common in this regard. We’re both often cast as the unattractive group while our gender counterparts are hyper-sexualized and therefore made to be more desirable to white folks (Asian women as the exotic geishas and Black men as the virile studs with big dicks). I’ve heard plenty of talk from Black women about how their men are selling out for some white pussy that sounds eerily similar to how some Asian guys talk about how our women do the same for white dick. So it’s a little troubling that this study comes from a fellow Asian dude (who obviously has yet to succumb to some Jungle Fever).

As for me? Because I’m so disturbed by this article, I feel I must do my part to correct the wrong that Kanazawa, a fellow Asian man, has inflicted on the world. Last Friday, I blogged about how because the world is coming to an end on Saturday, I will be spending the last days of our existence having sex with as many women as possible. Now, I think there’s something wrong with my phone and email because I haven’t heard from any of the women I’ve asked to participate in my plan, but regardless, I vow to also make a special effort to make sweet love to all the sexy Nubian princesses (a.k.a. Black chicks) to remind them how beautiful they really are.

Yup, for the rest of this week, I will make a concerted effort to get more Black ass than the toilets in the women’s restroom of the Apollo Theater. In fact, I already feel a severe case of Jungle Fever coming on and I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. Or to paraphrase my man Shaft: It will be my duty to please that chocolate booty. Because clearly, Black women are too unattractive to get any play otherwise, right? I mean just look at her:

Or her:

Or this homely creature:


  1. I gotta run Philip, else I would have a longer reply. But thank you for presenting this on YOMYOMF. I happen to be black. One, I grew up in The O.C. There’s not as many of us, but I’ve had the pleasure and I’m proud that I’ve always loved black women. And for the record, every race and culture, regardless of gender, has beauty within it. I’ve had a chance to come across just about everyone. And lastly, my Mother, is a beautiful woman. And a beautiful black woman at that. 🙂

    As far as Asian men, it’s ridiculous, how people continually think Asian men are less attractive. I’ve ran with an Asian crew since kindergarten and to this day. Guess what ? They all got ass and girlfriends before me! hahahhaha From women of all persuasions ! hahah And I’ll leave you with this, Sung Kang out prettied all the men in FAST FIVE ! ahahah

    Once again, thanks for bringing this study to our attention on your website. And thanks for the outrage; so am I. People can be so stupid. Thanks for having our back 🙂

    Have a great day Philip ! And all the best on your quest for that Black Ass ! It is your duty !


    P.S. My sister is not as open minded…But my niece tells me things she doesn’t share with her Mother. My niece, who is black, Loves Asian Men ! So, I told her, Go For It!

    P.P.S. I love science. I subscribe to Scientific-American. But I concur; and I agree with you. That was some scientific bullshit ! SMH

  2. I don’t know about attractiveness, but I’ve always known since I was a teen that it seems that black women are more masculine-like and Asian men are less masculine-like. I’m a Black American woman and when I was a teen I was quite careful when I would exercise because I didn’t want to have muscles and look less feminine, you know, boyish.

    P.S. There’s nothing less attracting about an Asian man. In fact, Takeshi Kaneshiro defines sexiness. Yes, I’ll admit, I LOVE Asian men.

  3. Whatever. More lies men tell. Breast implants, tanning, butt implants, eyelid surgery, botox lip injections for that “fuller lip”….these are all things mostly non-black women do to make themselves more attractive.

  4. Hey Phil, I get what you’re saying but maybe pick women other than Halle Berry (half black/half white) and Zoe Saldana (Dominican/Puerto Rican). I know, I know. Sorry.

  5. LOLZ. This is a wow! I’m a Black woman and I appreciate your outrage on our behalf Phillip! This is just ignorance and I’m actually not offended. I just find it funny. And I too have noticed that Black women and Asian men seem to be in the same boat. As one Asian young man said in a Youtube video on a similar subject, “we might as well make something happen.” lol. 😉 Great post and I will share it!

  6. And if we are so unattractive why is it that people of other races spend so much time trying look like us? Butt implants? Lip injections? Fake tans? Come on now! This must be a joke. So…maybe I’m a little offended.

  7. Although considered “black” by loose social definitions, the pictures of the black women you have posted are actually of mixed origin.

  8. I think when people say Asian men are less masculine. They’re always talking about the outer appearance, whether it be true or not. A lot of people always seem to forget the inner.

    Sorry, to use the inside, e.g., I’ve seen and I know plenty of Asian men that are tough as HELL on the inside. And you can see it in there eyes, demeanor and inner spirit, where there’s nothing unmasculine about them.

  9. Asian men are seen as less masculine because America has a very distorted sense of masculinity. It’s considered masculine to be a little beastly, not take care of your appearance. If you do more than shower or comb your hair, you are a metrosexual, ie. gay. I find the American masculine ideal less appealing than the Asian one. You don’t have to be a beast to be a man.

    But I must say that if a woman looks more masculine and she does not have more testosterone than average, it is probably due to acting more aggressive, which unleashes more testosterone. This can give some women a more “hard” appearance that is more masculine. American society encourages women, ALL women, to be more masculine to get ahead in the workplace. The feminine is considered weak and the masculine is set as the standard for all people. It can also have something to do with a hard life. Women in the lower classes tend to be more masculine as they struggle to survive unlike women of the upper classes. Being very aggressive is a survival skill.

  10. I believe in the context of ‘post-colonial’ media propaganda both “jungle fever” refers to BM and “yellow fever” refers to AF, so we haven’t gotten very far in terms of haolewood defined sexuality.

    Best thing is to watch foreign movies.

  11. More troubling than Kanazawa’s “scientific study” are mainstream perceptions of beauty. posting pics of Halle & Beyonce is like posting pics of Kristin Kreuk or Maggie Q. Pics of real women please!

  12. As an African American woman I find this study troubling but also find some of the comments here about what constitutes “blackness” troubling as well. I thought we had moved beyond the days of “you’re not black enough.” Yes, Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana are “mixed” but then so are most African Americans who share some blood that might be Native American, Hispanic or even white (thanks to the legacy of our slaveholding forefathers who didn’t see a problem with raping what was their property). In fact, unless you’re a recent immigrant from Africa, it’s highly unlikely you’re “pure” black to begin with. Those women mentioned above consider themselves Black and so do I and most of the community (same with our President whose mother is white–does that make him not Black enough now).

    And yes those women are beautiful but that doesn’t make them any less “real” either. So let’s stop with this thread before I see a comment about how Halle or Zoe are beautiful because they’re not really Black or that someone like Maggie Q isn’t really Asian ’cause she’s mixed. We’re past that now, people. Join the 21st Century.

    And thanks to YOMYOMF for creating a dialogue like this!

  13. Well, I think what people are referring to is phenotype, not black identity. Yes, those mixed women are black in the social sense in AMERICA, but I think people are saying that they are not good examples of black beauty because they have mixed features. I wouldn’t call Maggie Q ‘Asian’, maybe mixed Asian. Her beauty is Asian AND white. I think it’s ridiculous to spread the “one drop” rule to all non-white races. The “one drop” rule just needs to go.

  14. it’s the 21st century, but the fact articles like that were even published means people haven’t progressed much, doesn’t it?

    in reality “black enough” makes no sense whatsoever, as do “African-Americans” even consider “North Africans” as part of their US paradigm?

    and that numbnut didn’t post where his sample population came from, since he’s based in the UK.

  15. wow. this thing actually got PUBLISHED?? I am in a doctoral program in clinical psychology and i have seen articles taken down in flames that were way WAY more scientifically solid than this.

    even the very first sentence is suspect – “there are marked race differences in physical attractiveness among women, but not among men.” what is he basing this on, if anything other than his own opinion? there are marked race differences in physical attractiveness among MEN as well.

    Does he actually entertain the possibility of a “race difference in intelligence”? I hope he clearly goes on to debunk this because who seriously believes in this that isn’t a eugenics freak from world war 2?

    “objective” attraction is based on a number of things, such as symmetry, ease of perceptual processing and “averageness”, none of which have any strong correlates with race in and of itself.

    Someone earlier brought up the question of sample population. Yes, I too would like to know more about his sample population, and also about the population of the women who were rated for attractiveness. It seems these women were “Add Health respondents” which is neither a truly representative sample of the overall population of women, nor does it seem that there was any randomized sampling going on. was this even peer-reviewed? this just blows my mind that it managed to get published. wow.

  16. Just did a quick google search on Psychology Today and found out its actually a magazine geared towards non-psychologists instead of an actual peer-reviewed scientific journal. this explains alot.

  17. satoshi’s article was rooted in dubious science. either way, i’m an asian (filipino) man married to a southern black woman. and if i wasn’t married; if he doesn’t like them, more for me.

  18. Thank You Phil!

    I wish some of you would stop complaining about whose pics Phil chose to post. I’m medium to dark, my sis is light, & my extended family comes in very light to dark. Most African Americans are not 100% African, or descended from just one African ethnic group. Halley, Beyonce’, and Zoe are as Black as most of us, so please stop quibbling, and just appreciate Phil posting any pics.

  19. Oh…and don’t forget the love scene above from FlashForward, with Gabrielle Union (whose medium-dark) & John Cho.

  20. this foolishness doesn’t even need time and effort to debunk.

  21. eff whatchu heard, though. i would beat india arie’s panties into submission.

  22. Thank you for this great piece of content. Best Regards

  23. Funny how it takes a black president for white folks to start diffrentiating between black and bi-racial. The one drop rule was a-ok for you up until then. Not to mention how all those gorgeous black actresses magically became bi-racial when they won an Oscar or 2008 hit, whichever one came first. If this doesn’t prove race is a social construct I dont know what does. I wish you guys would stop grabbing every chance you can get to separate achievement and beauty from blackness…

  24. @Court – most of us here are probably asian, but point taken. don’t forget tiger though, who everyone always thinks of as black but is in fact 1/4 black, 1/4 white and 1/2 asian (there’s asian-ness on both sides of his family tree).

  25. Wow this guy got rejected by too many black women or what?
    I’ve dated black and brown women and all I can say is beauty comes in all colors…so don’t be ‘ignant” and if you don’t like something, keep it moving…No need to make a fucking article about not being able to get some of that brown sugar..lols 😛

    Much love. Peace.
    -Yellow fellow

  26. Okay, this started out well until you went into an outright objectification of black women. That’s alright but if you’rw going to do so, at least try to admit other hues of black women into ur appreciation list and not just the stereotypical light-skinned girls.

    If anything, women with dark-skin are worse off and thought to be more “manly” than Beyonce and Halle who are celebrated by all hues of men as attractive!

    Also, fucking a woman does not mean you find her beautiful!

  27. @ Gogo, the Tiger Woods example is a good one. Especially since he was waving three multi-ethnic flag before it was en vogue to do so, and he was still considered a black golfer.

    I mentioned white people because they set the rules that we all follow and create the frame through which the rest of view the world.

    This is a great blog by the way.

  28. @MsSheeba – so you are more angry about the fact that he didn’t objectify MORE women? haha, okay.
    as a note, in case you are new to this blog, philip’s articles are almost always tongue-in-cheek and his creepy lasciviousness is meant to be funny….i think….

  29. This post is lacking in the Williams sisters.

  30. @court: your sterotyping whites is as sad. It’s classic reverse racism at it’s finest. It’s ok for all races to see whites there a racist lens of hate. A white person who isn’t politicly correct though???evil and racist!! Cracks me up to be honest. You need to evaluate how you look at the world, because all your doing is continuing to spread racism not defeat it. Best of luck to you on your personal journey!

    If your bored do some research on the never brought up subject of Muslims coming to Europe and making slave of europian families, kids and all. I’m sure you’ll find this hidden piece of history enlightening.

  31. @ G wowwwwwwwwww

    Good ole bait and switch huh? Cracks me UP to hear a person who is devoid of color, therefore unqualified to do ANYTHING but LISTEN and RESPECT the words that come out a black persons mouth when it comes to OUR experience! The very fact that you act like what we say, and how we feel about racism is subject to your approval is exactly what we talking about. Entitlement, your attempting to take us to task on something u have no platform on. Your complete insensitivity to a very real issue in this world is the problem. Its offensive. Now all of a
    sudden y’all wanna scream reverse racism?! Funny, exactly how have minorities
    collectively suppressed you? that’s what racism is ,the haves supress the have nots . They stacked the deck and will do anything to maintain the status quo. When someone attempts to argue against the obvious it’s transparent! How the he’ll can we fix a problem if when we bring it up u act like it don’t exist? And you want to make the burden of proof be on the people who are victimized! When there is clear and present danger by a group of people with a history of doing it? But u have no tolerance for such things do u….how priviledged of u…..So if u are not part of the solution u r part of the problem, agreed.?

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”

    Martin Luther King, jr

    r part of the problem right?

  32. What are the mathematical reasons for saying black women are less beautiful? Is is because they do not satisfy the golden ratio? Draw a rectangle, and then a line making a smaller rectangle. The rectangles satisfy the golden ration of the rectangles are similar. What is similar? Same shape, different size. Question: is this article rational? Are the viewer comments rational? See the new book, “Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living”. Rational thinking starts with clearly stated principles, continues with logical deductions, and then examines empirical evidence to possibly modify the principles. It seems to me that neither the article nor the comments are rationa..

  33. This is why ya’ll need to stop saying that we are all African’s. There is nothing like the beauty of a black woman. White people are NEANDERTHALS. They are not even from this planet. Just think about it. They are so obsessed with outer space. Just about every movie they make deals with space. This is their way of trying to phone home. Planet X is waiting for them…

  34. How could Psychology Today or any behavioral educator think that their standard of beauty is universal? Somebody spent too much for their education because they did not get it. You would be surprised at how many millions of people find our American standard of beauty falls miles short of their expectations. This Psychology Today article is an act of inappropriate conduct and very bad manners. Somebody needs to return to school and get it this time. Madison Avenue does not rule the facts of history nor an understanding of biology. I am disappointed and I too want to hear that Psychology Today apologizes to all women. To demean one is to demean us all. – Veronica German – USA

  35. Good stuff Veronica G., Nyla and all of the rest of you. Nice deconstructing the absolute insanity of this “research” (end quotes).

    Especially like the comment that white people are Neanderthals who are from outta space. LMAO But not for the reasons you think.

    Let’s be kind to each other.

  36. So if he used pictures of Alek Wek and Naomi Campbell that would make it better?! I agree we need to stop this who is or isn’t ‘black enough’ bulls**t! Beyonce is JUST AS MUCH a black woman as you and frankly the whining comes off as jealousy. I for one LOVE Asian men especially John Cho,Rick and Karl Yune[yummy!],Rain,Daniel Henny,Daniel Dae Kim,Chow Yun Fat,and my future husband Russell Wong. But the thing that pisses me off is that I feel I would get judged if I approach an Asian man so no thank you. I don’t need someone else tearing me down to pump up their ego.

  37. Funny how all the pictures you posted are of black women who have strongly caucasian features, only with darker skin. Lol.

  38. Thank you for your article…I like your style. This to me sounds like another divisive attempt to keep people of color in a submissive position and away from one another…because like you said if psychology today wrote it; it must be true right? WRONG…we all know that the above mentioned cosmetic surgeries ie butt implants, lip injections, etc…aren’t because you feel good about your looks…Also to the people who were talking about mixed origin…Black is Black…Dominican or Cuban, etc are Nationalites…A few years ago it was determined that the human families DNA all came from a black woman soooo…ummm that would mean that all people are from the same gene pool right? About the Asian man…Bruce Lee was/is fine as hell to me and I wanted to have all his babies but I was only 10 when it died. My bottom line is that this is some ridicously superficial racist bs…in the famous words of Forrest Gump…Pretty is as Pretty does.

  39. I enjoyed this. I think most people in general are uneducated on race and why It was created. Race was created only to create divisions amongst people of color and oppress the african slaves. The women posted are examples of black women you see everyday light to dark. Many black people have european features because european men raped the world. No one knows exactly what their race is including white people. My boyfriend is korean and I am a black women of mixed origin with brown skin. I am black because my skin is not white. We have all been oppressed by the white man ancestors, and in order to change that we must fight together black, brown, yellow, red people. And stop institutional racism. It starts with us. It race wars, each ethnic group compares who is closer to european features, we can never be white no matter who we marry. The media and internet plays a part in the destruction of the black image and sets a standard. Blacks at the bottom where no one wants to be and whites at the top. All the rest of the mixed peoples or people of colors fit themselves above the lowest standard. being a person of color especially black is hard because this country was built on racism the very genocide of the native americans. Do fall prey to this study insert positive messages. We are part of one race the human race.

  40. To P.W.’s comment

    It’s not whether Halle Berry and whoever else with mixed origins are black enough but the fact that black women who don’t, ahem, share “Caucasian” features, i.e. narrow pointy nose, straight hair, and skin complexion that passes the brown paper bag test. And this includes those who are of mixed origins. Those are the ones who aren’t considered “beautiful” and, safe to say, look down upon. Think Alek Wek.

    Other than that, I agree what you’re saying on your first comment and I also like to add that you have a lot of Native Americans, Hispanics (it’s funny we classify this as a race to itself and not just a melting pot of people from all over the world who speak Spanish and are culturally Spanish–like America, only Anglo), Asians, and Caucasians with African ancestry, just as what you said about Blacks with diverse origins.

  41. Why did you use light-skinned half-white women as examples of ‘attractive’ blacks?

  42. I do agree that those lightskin beauties are beautiful!! And yes in the United States of America and to Europeans they are considered black!! However in other countries or cultures they may not be considered black. When Satoshi wrote the article he may not have been talking about African American women- because most of us are not fully black we are mixed. He could be talking about real black people like from Africa, Melanisians (from the pacific islands and asia), aborinigies (australia). Black doesnt necessarily mean African American. So it would of been nice to see some dark black women as beautiful, because I have a feeling that is what Satoshi was getting at! I am very glad to see someone wrote a very beautiful article about black beauty though!!! Also, Asian men are hot!!

  43. Yeah! What Amber Berg said. All the way.

  44. I as a black woman have been hit on by more asian men who look like the man above than any other race except black men in my life! Maybe he’s obsessed, in love, enamored with us and had to make a study to get our attention! Why the hell is this news i wish black women would just laugh at this nonsense and keep it pushin! Why do racists waste their life devoting all their time and energy to what they hate in life. I don’t like dogs let me make a i hate dog group, do a study on who hates dogs, publicize it for the world to see, then go out and kick every damn dog i see so i can die happy!

  45. Hey. Good article. Great article, in fact. I am a black woman and even though everyone is getting on you about who you posted as examples, i think they should just calm the fuck down. you probably just posted the first three people you thought of and didnt spend like five freaking hours trying to come up with women who were “black enough” (whatever that garbage is) to post instead. many people often mistake me for some sort of hispanic or islander, but that doesnt make me any less black. obviously the point of the article was to say that black women are beautiful and any lame psuedo-doctor claiming them not to be is a retard. so thank you. 🙂

  46. Once you gone black!…all else is Wack!
    My props out to my shorty Iman!

  47. white women r haters

  48. This is silly. I’m black and I’m constantly hit on by men of every race, with the majority of them being white(Jewish, Italian, Israeli or Scandinavian type) or Latino. And when I was in San Francisco I was constantly hit on by Asian guys! It was the first time being around Asians (I grew up on Long Island, mostly whites, hardly any Asians), so it was surprising to me.

    I don’t care what this guy says, when it boils down to it, we are individuals with individual lives and individual experiences. I hardly think someone who sees me from afar is looking at me and think “she’s black so she must be ugly” (when they can clearly see that I’m not) and then decide to not talk to me.

    You know what’s funny though, Asian women always assume that I’m mixed because I’m pretty. In college I was always asked to join Asian sororities and an Asian women stopped me in the grocery store the other day and asked me what I was mixed with? Boy, the surprised look on her face when I insisted that I wasn’t mixed *Sigh* There are attractive black women who AREN’T mixed, but people don’t get that….

  49. Satoshi Kanazawa is a piece of shit. I find attractive women attractive regardless of her race. Micaela reis is half black and very attractive and feminine. I feel what needs to happen is that the developed countries like the U.S. (even though we’re broke) needs to redefine what makes a person beautiful besides the blue eyes, blonde hair, etc. If the developed countries would allow and embrace all different races as beautiful, many 3rd world countries like India would not have to feel like they need to use products (and some products are harmful) to make themselves equal to what is classified as deemed beautiful.

  50. When I heard about this article I was sadden by it. Still, I’m very happy that you wrote this article against the negative messages of how black women are the lowest in everything. I meet a young Japanese man when I was working in the tourist industry. His English was very good and, I was surprised that he would even think of me in a sexual way.
    I’m also a sucker for men with long locks. His hair was in long black braids past his shoulders. We both were a bit shy and then he pulled out his hotel key card from his back pocket. I didn’t go with him but wanted to. One night stands are very dangerous but, I was flattered. I’m not a traditional looking black woman. I’m very petite and was made fun of because I was so small. I sometimes get a lot of stares from men of other races. People would ask me if I’m from North Africa but, I’m a Black American. Finally, I guess like any man when those lights go out the last thing on his mind is the race of the woman he is with.

  51. I am Asian man and I do applaud Kanazawa for having the courage to scientifically analyze a phenomenon that men worldwide have noted which is that women of dark African heritage as a group tend to be the least attractive. The few attractive so called black women are a mix. Pure negeroid features on a female are not attractive to most men; apparently including many black men. The same can probably be said about the general physical attractiveness of Asian men. After all, given a choice, Asian women in the West tend to date outside the race and marry in the community mostly for security.

  52. Mikko…why would you even post on here? That might be your opinion. But what goes around comes around. For every hurt feeling that came with that comment…yours is coming.

  53. I think when people say Asian men are less masculine. They’re always talking about the outer appearance, whether it be true or not. A lot of people always seem to forget the inner.

    Sorry, to use the inside, e.g., I’ve seen and I know plenty of Asian men that are tough as HELL on the inside. And you can see it in there eyes, demeanor and inner spirit, where there’s nothing unmasculine about them.

    That’s a misconstrued argument conducted by unsettled genetic determinists. Masculinity is not viewed as the same through all different groups. Masculinity can be either/both morphological(physical; not just the body but bone development in the face) or behavioral. I think people get confused about hyper-masculinity of black people, but they do exhibit more masculinity in body size, athleticism, and behavior, however, pure Africans are varied(either due to evolution or colonialism in Africa & America), but many sub-saharan Africans have a round face(even more than pure Asians in my opinion), which is softer like a babies(of course Asians have this too, but they have more wrinkles and protruding bone that I’ve noticed). Some whites claim we have a more baby-face look, without looking at blacks, who have shorter jaws closer to their ears(we tend to have angular ones), and they say it’s due to less bone development(testosterone is contributed through different areas for different races, which is why blacks have less hair in the nether regions), which the average female possess more than males. These are just non-universal trivial traits though, rather than universal ones like mental and physical capacities which we all have the ability to reach the same level.

  54. Forgot to quote the right post, but the misquoted one talks about the same issues. And believe me, I’d prefer to be a sociologist, non-essentialist, existentialist, etc, and believe their side more than the evolutionary psychologist, sociobiologist, human biodiversity scientist, genetic determinist, but unfortunately, due to people not educating themselves and seeing their work in popular mainstream media, they tend to fall into their traps of justifying hierarchical racial differences. Many leftists seemingly contradict themselves that they would put themselves just barely left of center in the political world, and in society at large and how they interact with them.

  55. And while I disagree with Kanazawa that black women think they’re all that, how come when it comes to predictable interracial relationships, when we have a choice to be with black women, that we get the short end of the stick of not getting a “submissive” woman that black and white men get on average for their relationships, or that black women are easy(or don’t like to portray themselves to be). That’s kind of a gip, that also says that Asian men aren’t as horny, when I object to that completely if you knew my habits.

  56. people, let’s spend more time loving ourselves more and all of the division will disappear. You cant get love from the outside whether the society looks at you as pretty or ugly. Take it from a fifty year old…dont waste your precious life….work on self love as your only mission.

  57. maybe you need to check out black women from africa coz all the women you put up there are of mixed descent

  58. Re the fact that these women have other “races” in them: Uh, what are African-Americans (blacks)? I mean, most of the women I grew up with were, technically, “mixed,” in some way. Some have dark skin but straight hair, some are medium brown with hazel eyes, some look more Latina than African. So??!! I mean, in today’s society, this IS what “black” is. Rock on Halle, Zoe and Beyonce! AND rock on browner (looking) sister such as Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, too!! African blood makes for beautiful women, when the woman is uplifted and celebrated for her beauty and not put down. (For the record: I think other races are beautiful, too!)

  59. The study fails because there are ugly and manly looking in every race of women. Media and entertainment seem to look for the ugliest dark-skinned black people and put them on screen when there are plenty better dark-skinned and talented ones out there. The whole thing is just to put black women further down. But society, or an imperfect man, won’t dictate to me what beauty is and is not, I have eyes for myself and can form my own opinion.

  60. Also, none of the women posted are light, I am lighter than all of them and I am not light skinned, they are medium to dark. Light skin is Alicia Keys, Nicole Ari Parker, Lisa Bonet, etc.

  61. I agree with your post but disagree with your examples. I love black women and I mean BLACK women, not just mixed or light skinned ones which are the only ones you used in your examples. More for me I guess, hehe!

    Kanazawa sounds like some bitter dude who got rejected by a black woman and is now lashing out on the whole population. This only makes me feel special for being able to date them lol.

  62. @ Amber Berg – 06/24/2011 at 11:11 am

    I hate to break it you but he was probably talking about African Americans because that is the kind of blacks he is most likely to be exposed to given the impact of America’s media, celebrities, research etc.

    Also, do not be so arrogant to assume that people find you more attractive simply because you are “mixed”. It may shock you to know this but many people, racists most definitely included, do NOT make this distinction when it comes to attractiveness. And not everyone who makes this distinction favour mixed girls. Some actually find you less attractive for the very reason you consider yourself more attractive. Be aware of this and humble yourself accordingly.

  63. one reason i am glad i am single i don’t dis like certain people but i was taught by my mum too not date outside of my respective race i’m from england and not even british women like asian me and that extends too arabic men see ya bye i don’t dis like them just don’t want too date them bye

  64. I loved everything about this article except the woen that you picked to feature. All 3 multi-racial. Other than that, thumbs up.
    PS….thus comment was posted by an attractive Latina who has a thing for Asian dudes.
    * wink-wink*

  65. Loved Reading this, thanks!

  66. Great column, Philip!!
    Re the comment that the women in the picture are “multi-racial:”
    What are black Americans, then? We are called “black” and that includes the women in the pictures.
    Sure, I would have included a few dark-brown women (I know tons of pretty, pretty chocolate black women!) but if black is soooo “ugly” how can these women be soooo beautiful and that a significant percentage of black in them??? Based on the Psy Today theory, these women should be the least attractive women with white in them but they actually are more beautiful that the majority of white women as as many Latinos, who have black and Indian blood.

  67. I agree. For my tastes: I’ll pass on the black women.

  68. Most black women just need to lose some weight and stop wearing that nasty weave and turn the volume down 3 notches and they will be just fine. Coming from a black man

  69. As a black girl recently married to a very handsome Japanese guy ( so hot even guys beg him for his number). I find it hurtful yet laughable that a scientist could publish such dribble. My husband is constantly telling me how beautiful my warm chocolate skin is. How much he loves the fact that I am slim yet have curves compared to the girls he grow up in Japan with. That’s not a diss to them but the fact is my fella was never into black girls as he was never confronted with one before. You dont know you like the flavour till you have had a sip lol, that scientist should actually have done some real field research. I wonder how many black girls he has actually met in real life? And for the record my fellas family and friends in Japan say I am cute like a doll. (if you know their culture this is a huge conpliment) ! At first I thought it was fake flattery but then people I didn’t know would be like “Wow, so your the one who looks like a doll…you really are Kawaii (cute) so pretty!!!” that’s not to big me up but in China people would also say good things ( I speak Chinese so could evesdrop) and people would randomly on a train, bus, anywhere compliment me (even when they werent just trying to be friendly just to sell me stuff) and I ain’t no Nia Long. So my long winded point is : stick him in a room with a beautiful black girl and I bet he would be singing a different tune!! He probably wrote the paper because A) his boss made him do it or b) he wanted to make a name for himself. Either way like the Sociologist Popper said:there’s always a (beautiful) black swan that will mess up a ridiculous theory such as the one the “scientist”decided to write a flimsy paper about. Irony is he shares the same surname as one of my husbands relatives. I would love to see the look on his face if I turned up to dinner.. So much for his theory! X

  70. NONE of the women you just posted are actually BLACK. Halle & Beyonce are biracial and Zoe is racially ambiguous. SMH.

  71. I searched on google “do asian men find women attractive” and it led me to here. Lovely article but I have to agree with many the women picture that you posted are “light skin”. If your light skin, dark skin, american, african, haitian etc. YOUR BLACK in my opinion.

    My friend is asian. One day he said, I met a girl today and man she was good looking, FOR A BLACK GIRL. I looked at him wrong. Why do men of any race always go for white asian or spanish girls. Why does society portray us as being horrible? In other countries the “darker” colored/tanned/etc. people are considered ugly I’ve read.

    Some men (that I know) don’t want to deal with a black girl because we are head strong, who likes a man to walk all over you?

    I’ve read a comment that someone posted on here, coming from a black guy he said he didn’t like a girl with weave and etc., if that’s what you attract that’s what your going to get. Not all black women are the same.

    I love asian men, but from the ones I met, they want a blue eyed blonde white girl. If a black women were to date an asian men she’s the size of a tooth pick and skinny (that’s what goes down here). I’ve been told also in some asian country being “a little heavy” is almost like a sin or something, is that why they dislike heavier black women?

    Also asian women will only go for a black guy IF he has money or a bright future (an asian girl told me this).

    Either way, I’m black & I love all races, I just wish they would give some us a chance. THIS IS MY OPINION

  72. I also found this article by searching on Google.
    It seems that the world is “convinced” that for a black woman to be pretty she needs to be mixed or clear skin even black guys thinks this way(lets not even go to the hair)but still even a mixed person would usually tend to identify their self to the race they portray the most. Brown skin, Black skin, Light Brown skin, Light Black skin, Dark skin(I could go on)<– Yes, they are all the same.
    Even though this Kanazawa could be talking crap on his "research" these things DO affect anyone selfsteam(black woman self steam) for some reason back woman seems to have it the hardest of all women races(in beauty terms) that is depressing. Even though you see other race women do surgery and stuff to look like us.
    I'm black(Panamanian) and I always have to come across people with racist or ignorant comments(i.e you would be more prettier if you had clear skin or you should go out with a white guy to "improve or better" your race). I think people should let go of the brainwashed standards/stereotypes and start looking at things with their own eyes and make their own conclusion not just what "some guy" decide to say one day or for what everybody thinks should look good, there is no "perfect woman" or "perfect man" and just because you don't like the way someone looks that doesn't make them ugly or unattractive. People seem to look for the minimum excuse to separate each other like if you are not tall enough, or skinny enough, etc. just superficial things.
    I personally love asian men but that doesn't mean I don't see beauty in men of other races.

  73. It happened twice in college a Korean guy was very attracted to me we almost did it but I was married. It happened again with my surgeon who recently saved my life and he is also asian Chinese to be specific it took everything I had not to jump his bones. Attractive physically absolutely not attractive mentally absolutely yes. By the way the Korean in college was tall and handsome.

  74. First of all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The creator made the different races to please his eyes. Whether someone is pure African or mixed with African blood should not matter as there is beauty in all races. We tend to judge beauty through European eyes and because African-Americans have been so hurt through slavery, Jim Crow and live in a racist society women like Alek Wek and the Williams’ sisters are not considered beautiful.

    We have to first of all move away from this Eurocentric idea of beauty. Whatever Kanawaza says is his own warped opinion. Beauty can be found even in the depths of Africa and among all people. It is what is your idea of beauty.

    I think people (all people) who live in America need to go back to their geography books and view Africans all over the world, in Latin America, the Caribbean and on the continent. We are beautiful people. We do not have to be mixed to be beautiful, black women of all shades are beautiful and God made nothing ugly. Asian men are also very handsome.

  75. Phillip, be real. As an Asian dude I must agree with the study. Most black girls are hideous and manly. I disagree with interracial dating, and no quality Asian girl will date whites.

  76. i find ppl’s are judgemental doesnt matter wut skin color you got everyone is attractive in their own way dere always ugly ppl’s if dat person dnt have a good heart.im not into asian guys as im asian maself got olive skin color n im proud to be sexy n attractive to ma man idgaf about wut ppl’s fink of me as only God can judge me…im proud to be who i am…i admit some asian white bitches fink dey all dat but dey aint shit in da end of da dae try to put pics up w/no shame to get attention wen dey looked lyk pigs embarressing.

  77. Beauty jst a bonus bt its all bout wut you have inside…im sterotype to white bitches as dey got no respect or pride in themselves as dey open their legs easily lyk a door.i no dat sum skank in every races r pigs.i feel sexy all da tym i get looked everywhere n im dark asian proud to be foreva.

  78. Now i apologized but I’m really going to hurt someone feelings i juss want to say im not prejudice…..but it is so many other women Asian etc that look like dudes to me literally who wants to walk around with no breast no butt like a man if you really sit down and think about this a lot of women outside black women,because they don’t have breast and butt and flat as a pancake don’t you think that they have more features of a man that’s just hard looking as it get to the utmost respect.you have to compare those breastless buttless women to men,because men don’t have any breast r butt…NOW GO FIGURE.and who want to rub on a women who feel like a man i no my husband don’t because he will feel like he’s in da bed w/another man.

  79. I agree some of our black women can look drag queenish…all those fake eye lashes and long fake weave just be yourself supple and soft w/o the fake hair,fake eyelashes and too much make up we as black women look more soft supple w/o all this artificial stuff.i finally got it off my chest.sorry but we just look soooooo much better w/o all that fake stuff it’s not call for jezebelish.do better with those bear eyelashes and lion hair.i am not trying to knock our black women but I’m sick of it.w/love…

  80. Black women are not beautiful women for manyy white men. We prefer asian or white women. Perhaps it is because the black skincolour. And many white men dont like to have “black” children.
    And many of us are afraid “strong” women, then is it better with “asian dolls”. But black women have many qualities
    who asian or white women dont have.

  81. I love all the small-minded individuals making attempts to write off Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, and Beyoncé Knowles as Black women. This is the one piece of our culture (I’m Black) that drives me up the wall. This is the end result of a doctrine that was written by a slave owner to other slave owners stating that division is the key to submission, and it’s still working. My people feel that if you are not the color of Wesley Snipel, you’re not black. Yet our last names are Johnson, Wilson, Washington, and Ericson, to name a few, which is a clear sign of European blood, so nobody Black is any more pure than Halle or Beyoncé. But everybody loves Barack Obama and Malcolm X, two prolific Black icons that have strong Caucasian heritage.

  82. Black women are F%*&@^g ugly, get over it

  83. Whites trying to be like black? lol you kidding me. Except some stupid ass wiggers, no one is trying to be like black! Most blacks are ugly to me and the pictures of those people above are all mixed. Not to mention most of the black people smell. Yeah hate me hate me, I don’t give 2 shits about it. On the other side, Asian women have no butts, breasts, have messed up legs, and ugly faces. Black women are hairy, menly, (Look at Serena Wiliams for Gods sake!) most have no manners, talk loud, fight with their boyfriends, and chew their gums like a horse. I don’t hate any race but both races are far from beauty besides some exceptions. Whites come in many forms, hair colors, tan colors, etc.

  84. I would just like to say that I am black and I get men of all races hitting on me all the time. I am medium-skinned (maybe around Meagan Good’s complexion) with natural hair and I’m not fat or skinny but in the middle. Regardless of dumbass “studies” like this, black ladies, don’t let this get you down. My race has been NO PROBLEM for any of the guys I’ve either dated or hooked up with in my life. They’ve been German, Salvadorian, Filipino & Korean. I’ve been hit on by Indians, Irish guys, Italians, a bunch of Koreans while I was in Korea, Dominicans, Serbians, Vietnamese, etc. You name it. SO, I’m just saying this to say that it’s not true that you have to fit a certain stereotype of black women to be attractive to Asian, white guys, etc.

  85. AMBUSH IN THE NIGHT!!….Trying to belittle our integrity now! They say what we know is just what they teach us, and we’re so ignorant that anytime they can reach us. But by the power of the most high we keep on surfacing, through the powers of the most high we keep on surviving…

  86. I am black and I don’t think that I look manly… I always been very petite also, until recently.. I am still small compared to most white and black americans on the average. Its pretty hateful for an asian man to make up a study just to attack black women. I have seen masculine looking black women, white and asian women…. A fat nose or larger jawline can make anyone look masculine .It has nothing to do with race, just your family DNA.