LMAO. That is all I can say about this comment. The funniest thing about this is that the privileged white Australian Senator is ignorant that his statement is no compliment but is essentially extremely condescending. But before I add more of my opinions to this, here is the crux of this post. Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm ( essentially a Libertarian political party) made a statement thanking all South Asian and Middle Eastern people who migrated to Australia for their contributions to the Australian workforce. At face value there really is nothing wrong with that. But what the issue is that instead of staying that he thanks South Asian and Middle Eastern Australian men and women, he referred to them as “YOUNG BROWN MEN AND WOMEN”. Yups, you heard it correctly, his official statement which he made in Australian Parliament has just devalued the communities he was trying to praise and compliment.

Here is more from SBS News Australia:

Senator Leyonhjelm paid tribute to young migrants, from the subcontinent and the Middle East, for “turning up their sleeves” at jobs “many other Aussies would turn up their noses at”.

“Let me say thank you to Australia’s young brown men,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

“They drive me in their Ubers and taxis. They deliver my online purchases, my groceries and my pizza. And they serve me at my local 7-Eleven, at my local service station, and my local restaurants.

“Many of these young brown men have only been in Australia for a decade or so, and they are giving it go, just like previous generations of young migrants.”

The controversial figure, who was most recently embroiled in a war of words with Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young after telling her to “stop shagging men”, then went on to say up to 40 per cent of recent immigrants settling in Australia were over-qualified for their job.

Mr Leyonhjelm said Australia was not taking advantage of the talent pool of its “young brown men”, likely due to racial discrimination in the workforce.

“Australia may be squandering the talent pool of its young brown men and women,” he told the Senate.

He finished the speech praising the hard work of “young brown men and women” for “changing the complexion of Australia for the better.”

I guess to a privileged, middle aged white man who is in a position of power, to say things like this is not being offensive because he is essentially patting the backs of South Asian and Middle Eastern Australian men and women saying “good job, good job”. It may sound noble that he was praising these communities but it is really condescending because he has reduced them to certain racial stereotypes and when we add racial dynamics, it is  Leyonhjelm showing his white privilege and white supremacy. That is the biggest problem with what he said in my opinion.

Images via SBS News

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