What in the actual eff is wrong with this Beijing school?? The Vancouver Sun reports that Robert Robertson who was a teacher in British Columbia, Canada from 1976 – 2006. Back then he was working for the Richmond school board ( which his online professional profile doesn’t state). This is the reason why. When he was employed as a Richmond school teacher he was accused of having sexual contact with teenage girls who were 15 -16 years old. These accusations were investigated, but he resigned before any major findings could come out. During this time he also worked for the Vancouver school board, where there was another accusation of sexual misconduct – again he dodged a bullet and resigned before he was dismissed (according to court documents).

The B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch did eventually strip him of his Canadian teaching credentials after an alleged victim saw his picture in the newspaper and complained that nothing had been done with her case. It appears now he is working in China. His professional online profile states that he “teaches Grades 7, 8 and 9 in English, physical education and communications and oversees girl’s softball, soccer and volleyball” at Huijia Education Organization. His profile states he has been there since 2011.

What a fucking sick piece of shit. How can the Beijing school not realise or even do some digging that his teaching credentials in Canada had been stripped from him? Is it because he is white, and therefore the prestigious school looks good with a white teacher? If that is the case, then they should at least have some standards and not employ sexual predators like this dude. Who knows what he is up to in Beijing? He needs to be exposed and I hope he is let go with no job. A predator like him doesn’t deserve a second chance.

let us know what you all think.

Image via Vancouver Sun

To read the full article, please click on: Disgraced B.C. teacher employed by Beijing school


  1. Many auntie lus would be honored to have a white man molest their daughters.

  2. Weird that he was never convicted (or was he?). Anyway incompetent job at reporting this. Why wasn’t he convicted or if he was why wasn’t it mentioned? That needs to be elucidated.

  3. Even if he had been convicted, it wouldn’t be surprising if Chinese schools never bothered to check. It’s China. Too many poorly educated idiots running things that never bother to check anything and when something screws up, they’ll try to hide it because they are so afraid of “losing face”.

  4. Email [email protected], all!

  5. further digging into the statutory rape laws in canada says that in the 70s, their age of consent was 14. Now it is 16 as it is in most of the US. So though what he did was legal (his victims were 15 at the time), it was still improper and should disqualify him from any teaching job. That is probably why they didn’t know, it’s not on his police record. I wish the article would have reported this.

  6. I would also suggest contacting the PARENTS of students at that school. The school will not likely do anything if they can bury this. They don’t want to lose face in front of the parents. Contacting the parents will force them to confront this issue because the parents would likely raise a huge commotion. ALso contact the local media.