Here’s what #NotMyPresident felt the need to tweet yesterday:

From this single moronic usage of Twit I feel that the farfetched has been verified. POTUS-Elect Trump is one of the 5 following supervillains from pop culture.

1) The Beast from ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN

In Marvel’s ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN miniseries, a Chaotic Evil demon called The Beast possesses the body of the liberal-left POTUS candidate Ken Wind so that he can beat the Reaganite-right incumbent and take over the U.S.A.’s nuclear arsenal and annihilate every life on the planet. Writer Frank Miller favors neither the Left nor the Right here, in his deft Cold War-inspired narrative it’s pretty clear that the dualistic extremes of American politics are both/all wonky, and the real concern is that whoever takes the office of the President just might have a demon inside of them.

In the series, Elektra saves us all from nuclear annihilation in the end by fighting off SHIELD’s killer cyborgs and switching Ken Wind’s brain with….well I won’t go into it, but let’s just say she keeps The Beast from pressing the button that will destroy us all. Barely.

2) Grand Moff Tarkin

Recently revived in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, Old Man Tarkin is clearly an opportunistic climber in the Imperial power structure, seizing the Death Star project from the other power-mad Imperial dude as soon as it’s clear that the thing might actually work, i.e., might actually be able to destroy whole planets.
It’s also clear, if lining up ROGUE ONE and A NEW HOPE in continuity, that Grand Moff Tarkin is a little bit excited about using the Death Star to blow up as many cities/planets as possible. 

Skirmishes in a desert warzone? Ahhh, let’s just Death Star-laser their main city. Unrest on the beach planet with the Imperial archive place? AHHH, LET’S BLOW UP THE WHOLE INSTALLATION. Princess Leia acting uppity? What the hell, let’s blow up her whole planet.

See where I’m going with this? A sociopath with a big gun is oft-inclined to use it. POTUS Trump technically controls the biggest gun on the planet Earth, he is a sociopath, and somehow he is offended that China is being mean to him. I am seriously, seriously fucking worried.

3) Puppetman from WILD CARDS

This less well-known but highly relevant analogue from sci-fi pop culture is one of the main villains in the WILD CARDS novel series (a superhero-themed anthology edited by George R. R. Martin). Puppetman, a.k.a. Gregg Hartmann, is also a U.S. presidential candidate with an alternate personality who can control people’s minds, and enjoys — really, just for the sick fun of it — inflicting terrible cruelties on the people he controls. Think JESSICA JONES’ Kilgrave crossed with, well, Trump.
In the novel WILD CARDS VI: ACE IN THE HOLE, Puppetman ALMOST seals the presidential nomination, which will certainly ensure a reign of sadistic torture and murder over everyone in America, and is just barely stopped by Dr. Tachyon (if I’m remembering correctly) and Golden Boy, a disgraced hero who betrayed his cause during the McCarthy/HUAC witch-hunts, and redeems himself in the end by standing up against Puppetman’s final bid for ultimate power.

4) The President from IDIOCRACY

This, insanely, is the best-case scenario.

5) Loki

Without belaboring the obvious, Loki is the Norse God of Lies and Trickery, can magically disguise his form as any person, and exists basically to fuck people’s shit up, operating from a somewhat-understandable Napoleon complex based on being Thor’s unfavored little brother. He feels a divine claim to the throne of Asgard, and oft states his goal to also rule the puny people of Earth, although it’s always been unclear to me what he’d do with them if he did.
Hey, maybe he’d goad China into a trade war or a nuclear confrontation with the U.S., just because he doesn’t give a crap about anybody.

(And to be clear, when I say “trade war,” I don’t mean, in that hypothetical scenario, that it would be much of a war. China would win that one in a week, tops. China can inflict devastating economic damage on the U.S.A., the kind of havoc that creates civil wars and domestically-inititated holocausts, any time China feels like it. We’ve been playing out this string for a long time now, and POTUS Trump is, it seems, tragically, the end of the string.)
But, hey, maybe everything’ll be okay, LOL. Honestly, it’s been nice knowing you, most of you. And as Ms. Erso might say, “take the next chance, and the next,” until the chances are spent. Happy Holidays, and trust in the Force.