Hey look, these perverted and sick fucked up pieces of shit are at it again, and this time their predatory actions have backfired on them. As all of you would know DAVID BOND prides in his persona as a pick up artist and he treats women like objects he can use without seeing their worth. He is truly the epitome of what we all hate about white men and white privilege in Asia. But this time it may sound like just a teeny bit of sweet justice where the harassment of women in Thailand by his disciple British pale skinned POS Nicholas Coakley is now being exposed for making shit up and posting an encounter where he harassed a Thai woman without her permission. Coakley it looks like may also get sued as a Thai woman is planning on taking legal action against him and seeking immigration to kick him back to England. This woman will not play by their game – yay!

Her name is Sawitree “Sky” Paotadaeng, and she is a pharmacist in Bangkok. Her encounter with Coakley was in a shopping mall as she was taking a work break. She sensed that she was being followed, then the harassment happened with Coakley yelling at her “lady in black, lady in black”. She was scared and pretty much politely told him to leave. Anyways, theese POS posted the original video on YouTube without Paotadaeng’s permission (it has since been deleted from YouTube). Paotasaeng caught the video and has posted it online to warn other Thai women to be on the lookout for these predators. 

Coconuts continues this story:

As you can see from the clip, she was obviously not interested, going so far as to show the two-meter-tall PUA a photo of her and her American boyfriend. That didn’t stop him from asking for her LINE ID with a smooth: “He doesn’t have to know.” Ugh.

Once it was over, Sawitree put the encounter out of her mind. That is, until a complete stranger, presumably an “Explorer Nick” fan, found her on Facebook and sent her a link to the YouTube video, which terrified her.

Sawitree captured the video before it was removed from YouTube. Now she’s sharing the clip as a warning to other Thai women.

“I can’t be the only women who have been harassed by him,” she said.

“He treats women like objects. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was simply being polite. Besides, He’d never get with me,” she added.

Not only the video — which could theoretically land him in Thai prison under the kingdom’s computer crime laws — is gone. All of the content on Nick’s channel has been pulled off, along with all of his social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Little is known about Coakley, which may or may not be his real name. He describes his content as “pickup videos” on Patreon, a website where he charges followers anywhere from $27 to $600 dollars per month to access his content. Not gonna lie, we’re really wondering what exactly you’d get for 600 big ones.

On the Patreon account, he also confirmed he’s in Bangkok and plans to travel all over Asia “making similar content for you guys.”

So…. Thai women, beware particularly if you are in the neighborhoods of Nana and Asoke in Bangkok – avoid these white POS like the plague. 

Images via Coconuts

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