Donald Trump and the Republican-majority Congress aren’t the only world leaders drastically cutting programs that many people would deem necessary. Not to be out-done, the Philippines House of Representatives recently voted to appropriate exactly 1,000 pesos ($19.53 U.S.) as the country’s entire national Commission on Human Rights’ annual budget.

Just to be clear: that’s $19.53 total for all of the next fiscal year toward all human rights matters in the whole country of the Philippines.

A reminder that this is a country whose President has advocated for the killing of drug dealers and drug users without any judicial recourse leading to the murder of thousands without due process.

And this vote apparently came after much “heated debate”, which means that there were some legislators who thought $19.53–which won’t even cover one night out at the movies when you throw in popcorn and a soda–was too much to spend to research, investigate, and act on human rights issues.

What sort of fucked-up person do you have to be to think this is a good idea?