Here is some sick, perverted and predatory shit right here. A Victorian pig farmer who is HIV Positive has been arrested and is currently facing court for repeatedly calling a woman in Thailand to have sex with her 2 year old grand daughter. This POS name is Howard John Hawke and he is about to turn 70 years old next month. Police intercepted his calls and stated that it was all about “extremely depraved sexual activity” with the toddler which Hawke planned in his next trip to Thailand. All these calls were intercepted back in 2016. News.com.au continues this story:

According to phone intercepts, Hawke told the woman to whip the child, saying he “likes to see young ones hurt”.

The County Court of Victoria was told on Friday that Hawke had sold his West Australian piggery in 2006 for more than a million dollars, funding his retirement.

He travelled extensively through South East Asia, becoming “involved in the extremely sexualised environment” of Thailand.

But when he was raided in March 2017 at what was “basically a boarding house” in Victoria, he had only $6500 in cash, $13,000 in credit card debt and an unregistered car to his name.

Crown prosecutor Krista Breckweg said during the phone calls, the child’s “impoverished” grandmother had shown reluctance, saying the child was too young for penetration.

Image of a sexpat in Thailand

But Hawke denied he planned to have sex with the child, claiming the phone calls were “fantasy” or like “phone sex”, and that he was just “a bit of a pervert”. Ms Breckweg argued the behaviour was “not a fantasy”.

“He talks about extremely depraved sexual activity,” she said. “He talks about the baby being held down by her own mother and grandmother. “This behaviour was premeditated. He wanted to go overseas with the intention of procuring babies.”

Hawke also made a violent video of the woman’s 16-year-old daughter — the toddler’s mother — the previous year in which she was whipped while screaming, wearing a dog collar and with her wrists bound.

Ms Breckweg said Hawke was found with 32 child porn images and seven videos when he was raided, and was also charged with transmitting 13 extreme child porn images.

He was also charged with sexual assault against an intellectually impaired woman in Australia.

My 2 cents worth? Well no words can describe how disgusting this is except that this sick POS predator needs to be locked up and never let out. He is an abuser and an exploiter of women in Asia. The fact that he sold his pig farm and made multiple trips to Thailand for sex tourism shows how sick he is and this is why I keep talking about banning Western/white sexpats who go to Asia. They need to be named and shamed because this is just getting out of hand. To add more fuel to the fire Hawke is also a sick pedophile. Burn in prison I say.

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