Holly Davis fatally shot 19-year-old Yue Jiang of China in January 2016 whilst she was sitting next to her boyfriend Endong Chen. Davis rear ended the Arizona State University student’s car, she then walked over to the driver’s side door and started to shoot. Jiang was badly injured, but was able to drive the car in a u-turn to get away and crossed over to the other lane and collided with an oncoming vehicle. Chen the boyfriend survived and told police at the time that this shooting was unprovoked as there was no traffic dispute. To me it sounds like David just wanted to kill someone, and I also suspect it is racially motivated, but that is just me. Jiang was shot in the torso, but died from her injuries. 

Just on Wednesday the sentence was delivered with the Arizona judge accepting a plea deal for the killer Davis. Davis was originally charged with first-degree murder but the prosecutor and her lawyer came to a plea deal of second-degree murder that would result in a mandatory 25-year prison sentence. Jiang’s parents were furious hearing about this with her father yelling to Davis:

“How inhumane you were to brutally murder my only daughter!”

“You monster! Tell me why you murdered my daughter!”

I am kind of furious too that this POS only got 25 years – this is not enough for the crime she did. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with the justice system?

Images via SCMP

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