Every time I go and read Australian news, I am always seeing more and more instances of racism against Asians. Asian international students seem to be the easy target for the current violent attacks, racism and harassment. This is just another of the many which has happened. Abdullah Qaiser is a Pakistani international student studying at the University of Newcastle (2 hours drive from Sydney) and whilst driving through campus he was stopped by a group of men who started to racially attack him and said:

“f*** off” and to “go back to your f***ing country.”

“’You don’t belong here, you are a Muslim’, the usual racial comments,” 

He was then violently attacked with one man bashing him wearing knuckle dusters breaking Qaiser’s nose. According to doctors he will need reconstructive surgery to get it fixed. SBS News Australia continues this story:

He now says he is too afraid to return to campus.

The University of Newcastle student union said the attack highlights the need for greater investment in security at the university.

“Students are asking for increased security on campus, they want to see greater patrols,” said President of the Student Association, Christy Mullen.

“They [students] want to see greater response times and they want to see security escorting students when they don’t feel safe to their cars and their destinations.”

Like many uni campuses, Newcastle University is large with lots of space between campus buildings.

There is minimal lighting to brighten the swathes of trees and bushes that cover the campus.

“I feel safe during the day, but at night not so much,” one female student told SBS News.

“I feel funny calling security because often when you do it’s a long wait and you’re stuck there waiting for a long time,” she said.

My take is that this is more than just about safety it is about what Australian society wants to be in. Right now it is in hate mode and the society is absolutely toxic and racist. I am definitely going to work with international student to ensure their safety is preserved but Australia you really need to change.

Images via SBS News

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