(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Movement Voter)

TOP CHEF host Padma Lakshmi recently produced two comedy shows at New York’s Bell House with Sue Bohlen and Vulture’s Jesse David Fox to raise funds for Movement Voter Project ($20,000 was raised from ticket sales).

Lakshmi who also hosted the event, kicked things off with a succinct message for a particular comedian who wasn’t in attendance: “I’ll make this brief: Fuck Louis C.K.”

Louis C.K. was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct but recently made a couple of unannounced appearances at New York’s Comedy Cellar without addressing the controversy.

“The thing that annoyed me most about [Louis C.K.’s] particular case was that he tried to stifle and bury the careers of various female comedians who called him out on his shit,” Lakshmi told Vulture following the event. “And it’s just like, it’s so hard as a woman, as an actor, as a director, as a comedian, as a writer, to even get noticed. And then to have the courage and bravery to speak the truth, and be slapped down and punished for it in such a cruel way, really spoke to me.”

“I can recognize that Louis C.K., or Matt Lauer, or Charlie Rose are very talented men who are also predatory and abuse their power, and to my mind, haven’t really demonstrated any remorse or deeper understanding about what they did, or empathy for the people they did it to, and therein lies the problem,” she continued. “Show me what those types of men have done besides to try to pull off their own comeback? But from where I stand, I know a lot of women who need jobs. I know a lot of queer people who are funny as hell. I know a lot of people of color who would make fantastic romantic leads.”