Perhaps it is the urban tribe that suffers the most prejudices and social stigmatization by the ignorant. The Otaku are considered as “weird bugs” for their hobbies and customs, however, beyond getting upset, these followers of Japanese culture remain true to their principles and hobbies .

In this article, we will discover what an Otaku is, what types of Otakus there are and the clothing that they usually wear.

Who are the Otaku?

The word “Otaku” has a fairly pejorative Japanese translation . Apparently, the term means that the Otaku are considered as vague, non-productive people and that they should be separated from the rest of the Japanese. Currently, the word “Otaku” is also used to refer to anyone who is a geek of any other topic not necessarily linked.

However, in these lines we will refer to the Otaku as the urban tribe characterized by the taste for the Manga genre (movies, comics, series) and in general, Japanese culture.

Otaku Dress and Appearance

The clothes of the urban tribe of the Otaku do not usually stand out for any specific garment. However, they do often dress in colorful clothes, but after all, the Otaku are young people who are not foreign to fashion and who wear the same clothes as their peers.

However, to distinguish themselves from others, the Otaku use accessories that allude to the characters in their favorite Anime series and films : brooches, patches, shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, necklaces or bracelets, among others.

Occasionally, the Otaku wear hairstyles that emulate the look of one of their two-dimensional idols, to attest to their passion for this type of genre.

How to be Otaku?

There are a number of characteristics to be considered a good Otaku.

1. Anime Series

The Otaku are true fans of the anime series. It is not enough to be hooked and wait anxiously to arrive each new chapter , or revise these series once they have finished until they are known by heart: an authentic Otaku knows the tuning of the head of each series, looks for the lyrics on the Internet, learns it and he sings it when each chapter begins (in Japanese, of course).

2. Read Manga

Reading manga comics is one of the fundamental characteristics that all Otaku must fulfill. To further increase that Japanese air, these types of graphic stories are written from right to left , with the consequent change of perspective that must be done before reading them. Also reading manga really help me write a thesis about otaku anв help to understand them better. There will come a point when all Otaku with denomination of origin will be able to do it without problems and, when they try to read again according to the western style, it will be almost impossible.

3. Room decoration

Every Anime and Manga geek must have his room full of easily identifiable elements with an Otaku. Shelves full of comics, films of the genre, decorative figures, posters and other elements. It is also worth having a quilt with a pattern of a favorite character.

4. Travel to Japan

At some point in his life, an Otaku will want to make a trip to Japan, to know first hand the cradle of all this fan phenomenon. Pilgrimage to the Land of the Rising Sun is a feat for an Otaku truly devoted to his passion.

5. Cosplay

Although this point is somewhat more personal than others, it is not uncommon for the Otaku to like to disguise themselves as their favorite characters. The grace lies in fabricating your own costume , now, as we know that sometimes there are costumes that are impossible (although for an Otaku nothing is ever considered as such), there is also the possibility that the Internet contributes in some way to the costume.

Halloween, Carnival, Otaku conventions such as the Hall of Comic or the Manga are good opportunities to become, for a few hours, the character of his Anime series, Manga comics or favorite video game and enjoy accompanied by other Otaku companions, all clad in his best clothes for the occasion.

The 12 types of Otaku

According to the hobbies and tastes, the urban tribe of Otaku can be classified into different categories. Here are the most common:

1. Anime Otaku

As its name suggests, this branch of the Otaku is characterized by watching Anime series and movies , which they collect on DVD or Blu-ray and keep on their shelves as a treasure.

2. Otaku Sleeve

Avid readers of comics and manga graphic novels , which also keep on shelves, so they look good in the sanctuary that is your room.

3. Geemu Otaku

“Geemu” is the Japanese translation of game . The Geemu Otako, therefore are those vitiated to video games , whether computer, console or online.

4. Parokon Otaku

Those devoted to computers and great connoisseurs of any technology. One of his favorite topics to discuss is about robotics and dystopian futures in which machines will replace humans.

5. Gunji Otaku

This type of Otaku are unconditional weapons, military strategies and know everything there is to know about the best elite bodies.

6. Gore Otaku

They enjoy reading comics, books and watching anime movies of great violence and with high doses of hemoglobin.

7. Cosplayer

Earlier we mentioned that one of the Otaku’s favorite practices is to dress like their favorite characters from the fictions they usually follow. Some take this hobby to the point of consolidating as one of the great branches of this urban tribe, going characterized all the time .

8. Wota

Followers of Japanese pop groups, called Idols . The Wota would be a kind of groupies or beliebers in the Otaku version.

9. Otaku Otaku

Very fans of figures and action figures , it is perhaps one of the branches of the most expensive Otaku, because this type of products are expensive to afford.

10. Yuri Otaku

It is known as “Yuri” romantic love that is born between two women . Any theme of Anime or Manga whose argument revolves around this category is what these Otaku like.

11. Fujoshi Otaku

On the other side of the coin, there is the “Yaoi” ( homosexual love between two men). These Otaku are interested especially in narratives that deal with this way of loving.

12. Hentai Otaku

The Hentai is the erotic or pornographic Manga gender . The Hentai Otaku feel great attraction for the nudes of the characters drawn.