While Los Angeles county has the largest and fastest-growing Asian American population in the United States, a recent report by non-profit legal center Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles (AAAJ-LA) revealed that, between 2007 and 2011, the number of unemployed Asian Americans rose by nearly 90 percent.

These statistics may paint a less rosy picture of San Gabriel Valley, which is conventionally portrayed as a suburban haven for more affluent Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. But with over a third of Los Angeles county’s Asian American population, the San Gabriel Valley is far more economically diverse than most would like to admit.

And by diverse, I mean the already-existing and growing low-income population of Asian and Latinx populations that exist side-by-side with middle-class families and wealthier Chinese nationals. Median household incomes and options for home ownership continue to decrease; all the while, unemployment has doubled and demand for social services is ballooning.

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