I’m torn. Like, lying naked on the floor, all out of faith level of torn. Because something happens at the end of IRON FIST Season 2 which gives me hope for humanity. I’ve complained plenty about the IRON FIST Netflix series here at YOMYOMF: There’s the aggravating rich-kid-Orientalist-hipster-hero, the validation of the dumb ways white dudes talk to Asian women, the wasted potential of the fight choreography, and may I also point out that Danny’s Iron Fist is approximately the color of Donald Trump’s head. I watch basically all the Marvel stuff, but after slogging through Season 1, IRON FIST is the one I can’t even.

(Also, I’m a guy who really, really doesn’t care about spoilers. It’s something that happens in a TV show, people, it’s not a missile launch code. Spoiler alert, every human in every movie dies in the end. They don’t necessarily show that part in the movie, but after it ends, everyone eventually dies. Sorry.) 

But these are rough times, and there are many more important problems in the world than whether IRON FIST is or isn’t a good TV show. But here’s the thing: for every seemingly lost cause, large or small, one can imagine the possibility of redemption. But sometimes that scenario seems so remote as to not even be worth hoping for. 

There is one consistently excellent aspect of IRON FIST, and it’s always been Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing. Am I biased because she was also an X-Wing pilot in THE FORCE AWAKENS? Yes. Is she of Singaporean Chinese descent? Yes. Is she one of the nerdiest Asian actors alive for appearing in GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS, and a Marvel thing? Still yes.

I’m not even gonna say what it is that happens. Maybe we’ll discuss it more next week when we’ve all had a little while to absorb this MIRACLE, this astonishing act of narrative reparation which changed something that used to annoy the shit out of me into, literally, a source of New Hope.

And I’m still torn, because this is how I feel: the shortcomings of the IRON FIST show still make it a drag to watch. You just oughtta know that in the last episode of Season 2, this one great thing happens that restores my faith in the concept of an IRON FIST show if not the actual execution. And at this point you can probably guess what it is.

I only watched the last episode of Season 2.