Formerly #CHEWINGTHEFAT Podcast, we have now gone through a process of rebranding to be called #OFFENDED AF (Asian Feminists). This week we continue to discuss many controversial and sensitive issues which impact on Asian women. We were joined by a special guest to be on our panel this week – CARRIE who is a queer Asian Australian woman, intersectional feminist and activist. 

Therefore, this week’s podcast focuses on this as the theme and we also discuss these other following topics:

* Toxic Masculinity within our Asian diaspora and how this impacts on queer Asian women. Is it as bad as how it impacts on cis Asian women or lesser or worse?
* Does toxic masculinity exist within the queer Asian space, and what are the impacts of this?
* NATALIE TRAN and CHINESE BURN (BBC pilot) debacle and the nature of the bullying, hate and harassment experienced by the Chinese women writers of the show.

Feel free to let us know what you think…


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