Remember back in 2012 when Cecil Chao, the Hong Kong billionaire, offered $65 million to any man who could “convert” his lesbian daughter and marry her? Well, it appears no one has thus far proven successful because Chao has increased the amount of the reward to $120 million. That’s double the original amount!

Daughter and father
Daughter and father

Apparently 20,000 suitors, including George Clooney’s ex-body double and a dude who wrote erotic fantasies about her every day for five months, made an effort to win daughter Gigi Chao’s heart, but all were met with abject failure. Because obviously the only reason the plan didn’t succeed is due to the elder Chao not offering a big enough sum.

So will the prospect of a cool $120 million motivate the right man to melt a hardcore lesbian’s heart? I don’t know, but I do know this—Gigi better prep herself for the most kickass erotic fantasy literature she’ll be receiving every day. Yes, I’m that good, baby, and you’re welcome!


  1. I can do it. Where in Hong Kong and if he’s willing to pay for my ticket. I can do it, not for the money but for her father and her beautiful daughter 😉 [if you’re reading this Mr Chao, I mean it.]

  2. The daughter should counter offer some of her inheritance money to anyone who can turn her dad gay.

  3. Send in Ricky Martin.

  4. respected sir.
    I can convert ur lesbian daughter to normal girl. but my problem is that I cant speak english fluently.
    if u can arrange translater for me. I am sure I can do it.
    sir I am from India.if u dont mind and ur daughter can come india for few days.then i can do this for you..
    not for money, only for relation of father and daughter.
    if u agree u can responde my email id..

  5. i can do this ! test me !