Like many of you reading this, I have problems with white/non-Asian people dressing up in “chinky” and culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. That’s why I was happy to see that a student group at Ohio University called the Students Teaching About Racism in Society have launched a poster campaign to bring attention to this issue with images like this:

And these (see all of them here):

Like I said, this is great and I support this effort fully, but I believe an exception should be made for hot white chicks wearing slutty Asian costumes.

Why should these individuals be exempt? Well, I can make a detailed and persuasive argument that would be so convincing that you would realize that I am right, but, in this case, perhaps a visual argument would work just as well:

‘Nuff said. Case closed. End of story. Do not pass “go.” Do not collect $200.

Truth be told, this “hot chick” exemption should be in effect all year round in all aspects of our lives. For example, if you walk into an Asian restaurant and your waiter is a white dude, that’s a sign you probably shouldn’t patronize the business. How good is that Asian meal going to be anyway if white guys are serving it? However, if your server is a white chick who looks like this:

It’s all good. And even better if the server pictured above is into Asian guys who like to eat alone…and not because they don’t have anyone to eat with but purely by choice. Yes, 100% free will and choice!

So on Halloween, if you see a white dude dressed like this:

You are totally within your rights to bust a cap on his racist ass. However, if you see a hot white chick dressed like this:

Let her know she can contact me in care of this blog.


  1. does this mean we asians can’t dress up as typically western costumes such as cowboys, firemen, knights, wizards or vampires? what about asian girls as french maids, oktoberfest maidens or sailors? are we supposed to be strictly limited to the costumes of our heritage because i did the ninja thing when i was 9 and i think i’m over that….

  2. @km Oh, Asian girls already dress in French maid type clothes. Year round too, it’s called a maid cafe in Japan. They generally serve ok ish food and drink with a “cute” spin and now I’ve said too much…

    As for the costumes…hot white girls can wear them (feels out of place to me+wrong) but they better not be saying ching chong unless it is immediately followed by, “It means I love you.”

  3. Very funny article. I’m a middle aged bald guy who wears glasses – If you want to dress like ME… that IS who I am and THAT’S OK.

    Lighten up

  4. if ya asians dress up like indians or cowboys i’ll bust a cap in your ass! come on people its freakin halloween not that time of the month where your on your rag jezzz, This article is pretty racist it’s self

  5. Dear Jimmy,

    “You’re a dumb ass.” is what I typed first but it wouldn’t be conducive to an honest dialogue and I have no idea whether that statement is entirely true or not. I will say Your idea of the meaning of ‘racism’ would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

    1) This article is more is a tongue and cheek humorous (and pretty damn funny at that) response to offensive Halloween costumes.

    2) Yes, it is a double standard. We can do it and you can’t. But hey, HISTORY is a double standard in favor of white hetero able-bodied males. Maybe if yellow, black, brown, red, etc-face didn’t exist and maybe if minorities weren’t kept economically subordinate THEN your perception unfairness would be qualified, but it isn’t so its just entitlement.

    Also attempting to minimizing issues accusing PMS is a douche move.

    Also you’re more than welcome to come by my pad, drink good beer, and spark a blunt all the while handing candy out to kids and we can discuss this till we come down and go back up again.

  6. Cowboys, at least in the common understanding of them, are not tied to any particular culture or “race” (shit haven’t you kids seen “Posse?” :)). So yeah, it’s okay for anyone to go as a cowboy for Halloween. And neither are firemen, “knights” or “wizards” or any of those. The “french maid” costume has nothing to do with France or being French.

    If you take the costuming of culture thing a little more seriously, stop by my blog and check the cultural appropriation posts

  7. I think we need to realize 98% of the population in a costume shop are buying costumes because they think it looks cool or thinks a kimono (or whatever else) they see has a beautiful cut and pattern, not that they are racist or think they are superior to another race.

    My Black friend wore a kimono (no wig or anything extra) last year and would be mortified to be called racially insensitive to ANY Asian culture. She merely found it to be a lovely dress inspired by traditional wear of Japan. Kimonos truly are beautiful.

    You have people totally obsessed with Asian action flicks and would love to wear a Gi on Halloween, not because they feel like poking fun or look down on Asians, but because they love Karate (or jujitsu or kung fu or tai kwon do, etc.), take martial arts classes, etc. Have you seen the kiosks at the malls that sell imports? Do you notice the various backgrounds of the people clamoring to buy those DVDs?

    So, so, so many people are unaware you find it offensive, and should not be grouped into one big racist pot. I never knew till I saw Sung Kang like to this article that there was a problem dressing up like a ninja or the warrior with the long wig holding a sword photo in your article above! So many people and kids find ninjas awesome and great warriors. I’d love to tour Japan myself and I’ve read up a little on them. I totally understand the kid and adult who’d love to dress up like that. Blame Raizo!

    How do you separate people who love the culture vs. some tool dressed in a turban with a fake bomb attached to his body? Now that poster I could see upsetting so many, especially during this time of war and bloodshed, soldier’s bodies being shipped home daily and to think it cool to wear a murderer’s getup is deranged and not funny. Wearing something you deem awesome because you love the culture and being called racially insensitive sucks! No one finds a suicide bomber awesome, just saying.

    I will say, I totally see your point and the Ohio students as well, find your sexy exceptions hilarious, but I feel this argument isn’t so cut and dry. This means we have a lot of comedians to burn at the stake as well.

    I find kimonos positively gorgeous. (Side note, yes, I’ve read about geishas, though they are not the sole people to wear them of course, and I know kimono and geisha-themed costumes are seriously lacking many, many inches of fabric). But if I wore one, would you call me insensitive before realizing I’d chop off my left leg and sell it to be able to tour Japan and learn more about the culture for a month?

    I’d also love to hear some Asian readers post what kind of costumes they wear because I have never seen an Asian person wear an Asian-themed costume. I’m very curious.

  8. @sasha I an a bit old for dressing up at Halloween but if I do. What simpler costume is there than a summer school uniform. Short sleeved white buttoned shirt, black pants. Possible nerv headgear a tag that says shinji…and maybe a giant robot.

    In all seriousness, a kimono can look good/cute if worn at appropriate times. Not to be confused with yukata on summer festivals.

  9. Sasha Sasha

    My god. Did this blog always have this ignorant of an audience? My fucking god ignorance is bliss

    Paragraph 1:

    What the hell does population % does with if it is wrong or not? And you having demeaning thoughts in your head is what I’m not worried about. Its you wearing it all all. It’s not always about you.

    Paragraph 2:
    Yeah, we’re all proud of you for having a black friend but just because he or she is black doesn’t mean she has some kind of magical permit that makes it okay.
    Do you also think voting for Obama clears you indefinitely into the future of being racially insensitive in all instances or by voting for him to begin with means you’ve reached the top of your game?

    Paragraph 3:

    So because some people B are unaware of other people A’s feelings that makes it okay for people B to do as they please? I will never allow my kids to play with your devil spawned brats.

    Q: How do you separate people who love the culture vs. some tool dressed in a turban with a fake bomb attached to his body?

    A: You don’t dress up as either on Halloween.

    It’s a culture. Not just some toy that you get to put on once a year.

    I don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t make through all the stupid in that comment.

  10. Okay. How about this?

    White girl wearing a Korean hambok at a Korean wedding –
    Okay, you are actively participating in the culture in a non condescending way.

    White girl wearing a Korean hambok on Hallowween – Not okay. You are treating with out regard to the differences in the places Koreans wear them. Like getting trashed at a house party or asking neighbors you’ve never talked to before for candy. It’s important to Koreans. Get over it and dress up as something else.

  11. what about white girl as zombie wearing a Korean hambok? Ok or not Ok?

  12. Wow. This is probably the first YOMYOMF article that i found incredibly offensive. And I’m even more offended that this is the one issue that I’ve always had a hard time articulating to white people as a real issue and you totally went off on a tangent and just made this article incredibly sexist and using your sexism to suggest that it’s okay to have these costumes if it’s sexy enough?? I’m sorry, but if i ever see a white girl dressed in a costume that says “maid in china” I don’t care how cute or pretty this girl is, I will tear that fucking dress off her on the street. Happy? Then she will be naked for you and at least I won’t have to see her wearing this racist piece of shit costume. So we both win, you sexist pig.

  13. ^ Shit thats a tough one. I would say no but if she’s playing in Korea and/or playing with a bunch of Koreans and thats a costume that others were wearing than sure.

    If its just her wearing it then its just weird and annoying. That’s usually the kind of girl that comes up to me and tells me that she loves kimchi.

  14. @yousuck: Phil’s been writing like this since YOMYOMF was founded: anti-racist, tongue-in-cheek, sexy-time pieces.

    Whose articles have you been reading?

  15. Tapthepope,

    I had honest questions, are not ignorant and was looking for opinions, not some toolbox talking down to me. All you had to do was express yourself like a normal human being and say you disagree because of this and that without all the extra douchebaggery, questioning people’s intelligence and disrespecting minors who have no way of defending themselves, nor do they have any place in your response.

    I can understand where you are coming from and gain a better understanding of these costume issues if you could learn that people can have a decent conversation without turning people off because you feel the need to freak out. If you make good points but get those points overshadowed by acting like a jackass, what’s the point of opening your mouth? No one will hear it because they are too pissed at being treated like shit unnecessarily. Your reaction was a bit much towards someone CLEARLY looking for input for a better understanding.

    Now my kids are devil spawned brats because I wanted to open up a line of dialogue of what may be going through other people’s heads on Halloween? I don’t want to buy offensive costumes! I also wouldn’t want my kids to go near someone like you who can’t express themselves without resorting to insults when they were never insulted to begin with! I tried to show what other people may be thinking when they costume shop and hope to gain further insight from other readers and that makes me ignorant? You seriously need help if you read it that way.

    Lord, here comes the same old relate it to Obama stuff and because the woman was Black in a kimono, she thinks she has some magical pass? Really? Where did you get that idea from? I was merely pointing out how she’d be mortified because the fact people are offended would be news to her (she meant no harm), just as it was news to me until I saw the poster campaign! How about we erase the Black from that part of my comment and substitute it with non-Asian. Good grief!

    The way you approached the matter with your 2nd comment at 8:49pm is a better way of getting your point across. If I tore you down, I’d get it, but I did no such thing. There is a way to disagree without being disgustingly rude, ignorantly bringing someone’s offspring into the matter, etc. Especially because I meant no disrespect. I was pointing out that a lot people are unaware, not that people need to be given “passes” or that “it’s okay because they didn’t know.” Do you know how many people this year won’t even hear about this poster campaign unless it gets a wider audience? I wouldn’t call them assholes or attack people in the streets who may have no clue. Just like how I’m learning, it will take time for others, too.

    Not because of your freak out, but if I ever go to a Halloween party I’m going to pick my costume carefully.

    Step away from the drugs.

  16. “In all seriousness, a kimono can look good/cute if worn at appropriate times. Not to be confused with yukata on summer festivals.”

    Thank you, Takuma.

  17. I’m still trying to figure out why the white dude’s face looks so plastic…

    Unless… It’s actually a mask so you can dress up as a culturally-appropriating white guy for Halloween!

  18. If I have an Asian friend, can I dress up as a ninja?

  19. I’m Asian and I’m familiar with my asian roots (language, food, culture etc.)…. and I have to say- THIS IS STUPID. LIGHTEN UP!

  20. I think this is RUDE. we asians get HURT by racism. ok? SO IF U SAY OH IF AN ASIAN GOES AS A WETSERN ILL CRAP EM thinka agin. if u cna go as us we can go as you. HA

  21. Question. Legitimate question so please don’t just start yelling immediately about how mad you are. I get it, mad, white people are bad. POC can do whatever they want on Halloween because history. No argument. Now, legit question, say you’re a white person from a historically oppressed culture – like Ireland. What do you do about the other white folks who are English dressing up like leprechauns and “drunk Irishmen” and shit. Seriously, they do it and I don’t know how to feel about it. Is it 1. Okay because everyone involved is technically white? 2 Not okay because of the history of Irish oppression at the hands of the English? 3 Doesn’t count because there is no such thing as racism towards white people?
    Now what do you do about people who have nothing to do with Irish culture dressing up like Irish stereotypes?
    1 Totally fine because white people are all the same and as previously stated POC can do whatever they want because history so it would really just be white people annoying white people and who cares?
    2 Not okay because Irish culture is a culture too and Irish people have also suffered from stereotyping and discrimination, you know, historically?
    3 Only okay if it’s in America where white people are white people and they got over the whole “no Irish need apply” thing, like, a hundred some years ago, but NOT okay if it’s in, say, London where the whole “Irish problem” hasn’t really gone away?
    4 Doesn’t matter because we’re not talking about white people?
    Seriously, don’t yell at me – I just want to know what you think.

  22. I think it’s ridiculous that this campaign doesn’t care about non Irish people dressed up as leprechauns, or black people dressing up as vikings, or Asian girls dressing up as German beer maidens. I can totally see how changing your skin color for a costume or wearing a bomb and a turban can be offensive, but I see nothing offensive about the other costumes. I know of no white woman that wore a geisha costume because she wanted to make fun of Asian culture. They wear it because they think it’s beautiful, and some of them very much wish they lived in Japan. I really don’t care if someone tries to dress up as a Scandinavian for Halloween. There is nothing offensive about it. Personally for Halloween since I’m Swedish I dressed up in a cliche Swedish outfit and my boyfriend dressed up as a cliche Asian person, and he is asian, and I thought that was fun, because that’s not how we normally dress, and if a black and Latino couple dressed up that way, we wouldn’t have been offended. People are hyper sensitive, and I’m offended more so by the comments on here insinuating that people are trying to be as hateful as possible on Halloween when they are just dressing up in a way they normally wouldn’t be able to dress as. Yes, some people are trying to make fun of other people or cultures with their costumes, but that is not even close to most people, and they gets theirs when people take their picture and post it all over the internet and get them fired from their job or kicked out of their sorority. That’s a pretty harsh punishment for being insensitive. There are actually terrible people that make fun of other cultures daily, but there isn’t a picture that defines them as bad people, so they get away with it, and the people that are offended by them take it out on some stupid college girl and use her face as the symbol of oppression. That’s pretty extreme and cruel..

  23. This is so ridiculous. It’s called Halloween, a very fun time to be whatever you want to be. I’m Italian and could care less if any race besides Italians wore Roman clothes or gladiator costumes. People should focus on the scientific fact that we are all 99.99999% the same as in our DNA. That alone makes it perfectly fine to wear whatever you want any day. So would it be ok if I wore an American Indian costume on a day other than Halloween? Is that less offensive? Many of the Asian female costumes are very beautiful as in their traditional items. So is it ok in my 7 year old niece wears one? Or my 10 year old nephew wears his karate costume out Halloween? Well maybe he shouldn’t take karate classes because he is Italian? Wow…grow up and join the human race. Open your minds…

  24. Yeah i concur with the many people who have commented in opposition of this site as it appears childish and a semi internet troll pool. People who get offended perpetuate the offense, they should embrace it and have fun. Take lite of something silly and not really meant for offense and if it is supposed to be offensive then don’t pay attention to the offense, the person offending will look stupid and you win.

  25. So basically, doesn’t it come down to if they look good in the costume they can wear it? Unless i’m mistaken but it sounds like it because of the exemption you give but really it’s a fucking costume, a character, as much as a character as cloud strife or goku, we know this isn’t what they look like but these people aren’t racist towards these nationalities because if they hated them, they wouldn’t dress like them.