Saw this over at Gawker. At a recent tattoo convention in Florida, a news crew encountered a 22-year old woman who wanted to show off her latest tattoo. She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her drawers and spread them butt cheeks. Yep, it was in her bunghole. Check out the video (NSFW):Yeah, she’s one hot mess. Apparently, getting your bunghole inked is “the next big thing.”


  1. Why didn’t she just get a target tattooed on it? Looks like she gets a lot of action there (you don’t just get a tat there unless you want someone to see it). She’s hot until you realized she’s friggin coked up. Wonder if she’s going to get some Chinese characters all up in there.

  2. This video is reflective of a degeneration in American culture. There’s something foul going on in America and this video represents that foulness.

    In this video we witness a drug-addled female exposing her butt-hole to a crowd of people in public. Generally, this kind of behavior would lead to a persons arrest and incarceration and possibly their registration on a list of sex offenders. Following the vulgar and animalistic display of her fecal orifice in a public setting, creepy people all around her laugh, hoot, holler and say she’s “cool”. She then proceeds to have the name of a man tattooed on her butt-hole while proclaiming that the needle rapidly penetrating the skin of her anus feels great.

    She’s simply a drug-addled and foul-mouthed little attention-whore reveling in a sick minute of spotlight. Her and all the laughing creeps in the room are complicit in the decay of our social fabric, basically horrible people.

  3. she one hell of a gal….

  4. Where can i see the uncensred pic or vid?