In the latest issue of O, Oprah Winfrey’s official magazine, a commissioned photo series has been getting a lot of publicity online with some truly powerful images that turn conventionally accepted roles of women of color in everyday situations.

​In a feature aptly titled “Let’s Talk About Race,” photographer Chris Buck took three photos that flipped stereotypical tropes on their heads by reversing roles typically held by women of color with white women — and vice versa.

In the photo above, the roles are reversed with Asian women enjoying their pedicures as white women tend to their feet.

In this photo, a young white girl looks at a shelf full of black girl dolls.

A latina socialite is on the phone as she doesn’t acknowledge the white maid tending to her.

Buck, who was commissioned to produce this photo series (and did a great job) was not the originator of this idea, which apparently came from Oprah herself in a workshop meeting with her staff. Dayum, Oprah is woke!

The series definitely brings up a complex conversation on race, power and the place of women in society, especially women of color.

Lucy Kaylin, the editor-in-chief for O Magazine, says in an email:

“The main thing we wanted to do was deal with the elephant in the room—that race is a thorny issue in our culture, and tensions are on the rise. So let’s do our part to get an honest, compassionate conversation going, in which people feel heard and we all learn something—especially how we can all do better and move forward.”

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