And repeat after me 1, 2, 3 : WHAT IN THE ACTUAL EFF?!?! How in this day and age can teachers in very culturally and religiously diverse areas still harbor so much hate and RACISM? Like come on! But I am glad that the Korean community in New Jersey are coming out in public to call for action on the teacher who made this RACIST comment. As reported in the Korea Daily, a teacher working at the prestigious school-  Bergen County Academies has been accused of making anti-Korean comments in the classroom.

Leaders of several Korean American organisations held a meeting with school officials to call for action against the teacher. It has been said that the teacher ( whose identity has not been revealed), is accused of telling her students that she “hated Koreans”, considering there were students in her class that were Korean background. In another class, she allegedly asked Korean students to raise their hands and repeated the sentiment.

Bergen County has a large Korean community, so these comments not only sound suss but may also indicate that the teacher holds serious prejudice views and has some jealousy towards the Korean American community in the area. Here are some sentiments expressed by some of the Korean American leaders (via North Jersey):

“As a mother of two children, I find this incident heartbreaking,” said Grace Song of the Korean Parents Group of Palisades Park, at a news conference on Friday. “I can’t believe such a remark was uttered by an educator no less, when civil rights are taken so seriously in the United States and in New Jersey.

“In solidarity with the Korean community and with all Korean students, I’d like to stand with the community to resolve this issue,” she added.

Howard Lerner, superintendent of Bergen County Technical Schools stated that he could not talk about the issue, actions nor reveal the identity of the teacher in question. It was stated though that it was a teacher who taught Spanish – now this does not mean the teacher was of Spanish/Latino background, but could be from any race. Lerner did say that the school has a firm commitment in embracing the diversity of their students and the area (via North Jersey):

“Intolerance, insensitivity, or discrimination of any sort is contrary to the values and policies of the school district and not tolerated,”

 “Matters brought to the school’s attention are promptly and thoroughly investigated. Remedial measures are taken in appropriate circumstances.”

Bergen County Academies has around 1,100 students – half of these students come from an Asian background, so yeah it is shit that this teacher even made such a comment. This I assume is a developing story, and I will be contacting some of the Korean American leaders in this campaign for action for further comments. I can’t imagine how a student of Korean background would have felt hearing this kind of bullshit, so let’s hope this teacher gets severe consequences for what he/she said.

Images via Korean Daily and North Jersey

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