Asian Australian Deanna Yang is a small business owner of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar & Benedict CumberCat, and her face was recently featured on a Visa New Zealand ad which is being distributed online all over NZ. Wang wrote a post on medium about the racist comments which followed the ad on Visa NZ’s Instagram account. Many appear to be surprised that there are actually Asians in NZ which shows the ignorance of many non-Asian people. Yang states in her post:

Now. Before we go lunge to our P.C horrors, I just want to clarify that I’m not “butthurt” about it (a term I learnt from the interwebz). Hence my reply laughing at the fact. I was not born yesterday, I get it — in fact, I’m used to it. I was born in Waitakere Hospital, West Auckland 26 years ago & since then have been conditioned to accept that being screamed on the streets by “Kiwis”, “FUCK YOU ASIAN C***” is just a normal occurrence in my life. But, even if I’m used to it, I still do find it a) amusing b) interesting and c) a very good starting point for some rhetoric about an issue we all know is there but often Asian people themselves don’t speak about openly.

Yes, she is right, we as Asians who live, or who were born and raised in the West and Europe need to speak out more on instances of racism when we face it. The fact that we are still silent about these issues is why we get targeted so much by racists because they think we will all just shut up and put up with it.

One Instagram user called Cat_fanatic_is_here commented under the ad saying:


Yang wrote her post not to complain but to ask the question: WHAT DOES A NEW ZEALANDER LOOK LIKE? Here are some of her observations and experiences:

On tour we saw Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” signs in Taranaki next to tall, proud New Zealand flags. What does our flag mean? The British union signifying our colonisation by another country? What does Tiriti o Waitangi mean? A piece of paper where people came on a boat with muskets & took NZ by force which means they now have the sole and only right to call this their home?

We may think our world is becoming more accepting of different races, creeds, sexualities, genders etc but then you get Brexit and then you get Donald Trump as bloody PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & you wonder if anything has changed or if we are just better at hiding our prejudices. I suppose all humans have both light and darkness. Including me. Heck, I hold my own darknesses & prejudices that I need to rise above. But as Dumbledore would say “It is our choices that show who we truly are”. Even if darkness resides in us, we must choose to stay in the light.

If you read her post, she makes many interesting points and observations. I checked the Visa NZ Instagram page and it appears that that ad is not there anymore. Anyways, all of this shows how not accepted we are still in this society and we are seen as foreigners by many non-Asians who feel intimidated by us.

Image via Medium

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: What does a Kiwi business-owner look like? Well, not like me — because I look Asian.


  1. Very sad indeed. Love the Dumbledore quote though.