Whoa, we did not see this coming… After a rough start for Marvel’s IRON FIST, we all agreed that season 2 was a vast improvement, especially since our fave character Colleen Wing, became the “you-know-what” and really shook things up. Sure, Danny Rand aka “the Immortal Iron Fist” was a little dialed down, his straight white male privilege still got the best of him, and although the fight choreography vastly improved, Finn Jones, the actor, is still no fighter.

Now in a true shocker, Netflix announced that they have cancelled the show after two seasons. I guess for a lot of people, they didn’t come back after the abysmal first season? I personally thought there was great promise in season 2, especially the team-up of Colleen and Misty Knight aka the Daughters of the Dragon.

Basically, everyone else except Danny Rand was worth rooting for. And with the twist ending at the end of this season, I was really looking forward to the possibilities of a season 3.

However, there is speculation that the reason for the cancellation is that there may be a reboot or switch over to Disney’s upcoming streaming service at the end of next year.

More from Deadline:

Of course, while out for the count at Netflix, the tale of billionaire Danny Rand and Colleen Wing may “live on,” to quote Friday’s statement, on other platforms. That “other” being the streaming service that Disney is expected to launch next year, which already has series on Marvel fan favorites Loki and the Scarlet Witch in the pipeline, with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen expect to reprise their big screen roles. I hear that while Marvel wanted Iron Fist to continue on Netflix, the parent company’s new rival to the streamer has put the idea of a resurrection in consideration as it fosters the likes of the already announced Jon Favreau produced Star Wars series too.

My suggestions? Cancel the show, since at the season finale, Danny Rand left NYC to become an Indiana Jones type. Just start anew with DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON instead!