If you haven’t fallen in love with NAOMI OSAKA, I am sure you will after watching her on Ellen. Personally, I have loved Osaka ever since the video of her came out last year with her talking about being proud to be black and talking about her Haitian heritage. She is definitely a young woman well beyond her years. As you are all aware, Osaka has won the US Open 2018 and beat legendary SERENA WILLIAMS to get to this point. Her win has been marred by shit loads of controversy and both sexism and racism by the crowds, the umpires, the commentators and some media who have persecuted Williams for challenging an umpire call during that match. There was even this cartoon which has emerged drawn by Australian Herald Sun cartoonist MARK KNIGHT which has spurred global outrage.

All that has overshadowed Osaka’s moment, and it is awesome to see the solidarity between Williams and Osaka during the trophy presentation. Anyways, enough about that. 

To the premise of this post – Osaka was recently a guest on THE ELLEN SHOW to talk about her win and how she has been since the win. Osaka is extremely humble and very shy on the show and it shows how much humility she has. Ellen asks her a number of questions, including whether she was affected by what happened on the court, what her favorite color and TV show is, and the big whammy – WHO IS HER CELEBRITY CRUSH.

Meekly, Osaka replied with ” I don’t know his name but the guy who plays the villain in Black Panther”…

Ellen replies, “Oh Michael B. Jordan” and she offers to text him about this essentially playing a matchmaker. In my opinion, Osaka has awesome taste, as I too have a huge crush on Michael B. Jordan too. Anyways, on the show Osaka tells Ellen she doesn’t want her to text Jordan, and you can tell the reason is that Osaka is just shy – its really cute!

Anyways, Ellen did contact Jordan, and he tweeted to Ellen his video response, and the video message he posted is so sweet! I am falling in love with him more and more just watching the video! Check it out!