Joyce Coffey’s neighbors should be thanking her.  Not only did she blare my all time favorite AC/DC song – “Highway to Hell” – from her home in Epping, New Hampshire, at a gloriously ear splitting level, but she got arrested four times in 26 hours for doing so.

Listen and learn, wussies.

As Nigel Tufnel pointed out, “It goes to 11.”  Hell yeah it does!

Joyce’s uptight neighbors first whined to police last Tuesday afternoon when she cranked AC/DC loud enough to shake their kitchen windows (well, I’m making that last part up; but that’s how I like to picture it).

The cops came out and issued her a warning.  How did she respond?  She cranked the party anthem even louder, and the cops came back an hour later and arrested her for the heinous crime of playing good music at the proper volume.

They released her, and, five hours later, arrested her once again.  Again she was released, and again she was arrested.  The sun still wasn’t up.  Shit, the cops should’ve just leaned the seats back (if cop car seats can be leaned back), put in some ear plugs, and saved the taxpayers some gas money.

Her final arrest occurred when her nephew tried to remove some of his belongings from her home and she threw a frying pan at him.

The pussy.

Coffey was jailed Friday.

Who’s with me on this?  Who’s willing to put up some protest signs –  I’m thinking “Free Coffey, Free Coffey!” – plus, here’s the gimmick: we have a little table where we give away free coffee.

Eh, eh?

For those about to rock, we most certainly salute you!

ROWYCO!   Translation for all you pussy nephews out there:



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