So I have this podcast where we talk about the smartest, most elevating moments in the geekiest shit possible. This week my guest host is H.P. Mendoza, filmmaker/musician/fandude responsible for I AM A GHOST and FRUIT FLY, among other things.

Our topic this week is “Great Musical/Song Moments in Geekdom,” in which we blabber on moments of spontaneous singing, or superior soundtracking, in THE ABYSS, HUNGER GAMES, SCOTT PILGRIM, ROBOTECH, TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (1986), and of course, STAR TREK: BEYOND. 

Forgive the subpar audio quality on this episode, a few technical things weren’t working that day, but also screw that man, ’cause it’s ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

(We don’t make any actual music in this episode. Just talk. And sing a little bit of Minmay and Stan Bush. Just a little bit.)

(I usually do this podcast with Christopher Morrison, but he is off shooting a feature film this month, because he’s awesome.)

Have a manic & musical Monday, y’all!