It has taken 2 years, but 51 year old WILLIAM SCHNEIDER has been found guilty of 2nd degree murder in a Vancouver court. He was arrested and charged back in 2016 over the murder of 30 year old Japanese student NATSUMI KOGAWA. We wrote about this last year when we first read it in the news despite the fact this happened in 2016. Here is an excerpt from my post from last year which explains the circumstances around her disappearance/murder: 

Natsumi Kogawa was 30 years old when she disappeared on September 7. Her lifeless body was found on September 28 in a historic mansion in Vancouver. 48 year old William Victor Schneider was arrested in connection with the murder of Kogawa. Kogawa had good friends in Canada and was excited even before she entered the country. 

It was stated that Kogawa has always dreamt about moving and living in Canada and saved up to be able to do this. Her body was found in the suitcase in the mansion, naked and she was posed in a fetal position covered with leaves and twigs. Her body was so decomposed that the coroner couldn’t determine what was the cause of death, but anti-anxiety drugs were found in her system. The theory from prosecutors is that he smothered her and there are also reports which state that he did sexual and indecent things with her dead lifeless body. 

Here is more from Vancouver Sun:

 Court heard that he told his brother he and Kogawa had planned to go to Stanley Park to have sex in the tent, but never made it.

Instead, the two had some drinks and took drugs before she left for another engagement.

Crown counsel Geordie Proulx also pointed out that there was evidence the accused had phoned his wife in Japan and told her “I did it” or “I killed her.”

The fact that Schneider placed the body in a suitcase and concealed it at the West End property was proof that he was trying to cover up his activities and foil the authorities, he told the jury.

Schneider’s lawyer pointed to the fact that the autopsy was unable to find a cause of death and argued the Crown had not proven a homicide had occurred, let alone one at the hands of Schneider.

Joe Doyle admitted his client had done a “terrrible” thing by placing the body in a suitcase and leaving it at the property, but argued Schneider had not caused Kogawa’s death.

He said Schneider, who did not testify at trial, had likely panicked after Kogawa died and didn’t know what to do.

Doyle noted there was no evidence of any injuries to the victim, which would have been expected if a struggle had occurred.

He also noted that the pathologist couldn’t rule out a number of causes of death, including cardiac arrhythmia, a seizure or a drug overdose.

This is such a sad and tragic story, and I hope this piece of shit rots in prison, because he really doesn’t deserve any clemency or forgiveness. He took someone’s life all because of his crude, perverted and sick thoughts and needs to pay for this with his own life.

Images via Vancouver Sun

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