First of all, what the fuck are they teaching in the schools in Gaston County, North Carolina?!

Apparently, in one Gascon County first grade class, the word “gook” was a part of a spelling list passed out to the students. As I’m sure our readers know, “gook” is a derogatory, racist term to refer to Asians. According to one of the students, the teacher told the class that they were learning words with similar sounds such as “look” and “took” so of course…”gook” had to be included.

Luckily, not everyone in Gascon County, North Carolina is an ignorant racist and one parent–Jennifer Thompson whose six-year-old daughter attends the first grade class in question–brought this to the attention of the local newspaper, the Gascon Gazette.

“We had to explain to (my daughter) Emily why she could not say the word and not to use it,” Thompson told the Gaston Gazette.

In response, Gascon schools spokesman Todd Hagans said that the inclusion of the slur was merely “an oversight by the teacher” and that “she never meant to be insensitive.”

So a big kudos to Jennifer Thompson for expressing her outrage and a big fuck you to Gascon schools for thinking this was OK in the first place!


  1. I’m afraid you and the woman are wrong. Though the word is spelled the same it it pronounced differently and has a different meaning. Gook, pronounced like look and took mean a slimy, greasy or sticky substance. Ex: I got some gook on my shoe. It is not a racial slur.