A few months ago I ran across the uber-left-code-pink-mobile:

cartruck (14) (480x640)

Entertaining, yes, but not a huge surprise in the Breakaway Republic of Berkeley.  But then yesterday, right there on Telegraph Avenue, two blocks from the university campus, I stumble upon something which looks like it should be hauling gear to a monster truck show in Omaha.

truckmetal (5) (480x640)

truckmetal (9) (480x640)

I know you know what I’m thinking: Metal Masher vs. Pink Power.  This Sunday at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  Earplugs optional.  Bring the kids.

You’ve seen Pink Power.  Let’s take a few moments to appreciate Metal Masher:

truckmetal (3) (480x640)

Fuck yeah!  This is some Spinal Tap/Iron Maiden shit!


Check it out:

truckmetal (2) (480x640)

What WOULD Lemmy do?   Not sure, but it might involve some of these:

truckmetal (8) (480x640)

Rasputin’s Records is in the background of this next shot, but if you’re gonna go record shopping on Terrorgraph, go one block south and check out Amoeba first.  Their clerks are nicer.

truckmetal (480x640)

Where were we?  Oh yes:

truckmetal (9) (480x640)

Hell yes!

truckmetal (11) (480x640)

“Space Truckin'” is fine, but I think we’ll stick with Metal Masher.


  1. wow very terrible . thanks for sharing