Okay, out of all the global beauty pageant posts we had here, this one is the most awesome in terms of connections and relations. We already read about MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN wearing a Sailor Moon costume for the national dress section, so now let’s head over and find out a bit more about the MISS WORLD JAPAN. Well, she is related to one of the most famous Japanese historical figures – Date Masamune also known as lord ONE-EYED DRAGON”. I know right this is pretty awesome stuff! Her name is Kanako Date and she is not only related to this famous samurai, but she is also the first Japanese entrant to make it through the talent portion of the competition with her opera singing voice. But let’s go back to who she is descended from:  Date Masamune (One-Eyed Dragon) –  lord of the Date samurai clan during Japan’s feudal Sengoku era.

Here is more from Sora News 24:

While they’re obviously many generations removed from each other, there’s not much lateral space between Kanako and her famous ancestor on the Date family tree. She’s a direct descendant of Masamune, and is in fact his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, with the two of them spanning 21 generations.

Given her aristocratic samurai lineage, it’s not so surprising that Date looks regal dressed in traditional Japanese attire or armed with traditional Japanese weaponry. The 22-year-old lists Japanese dance, archery, and playing the koto (a stringed Japanese instrument) among her hobbies as well.

So she is like 21 generations removed from this ancestor but it is still woah that is your 21 generations ago grandfather – how awesome! In addition Kanako not only made it through the talent portion of the competition but she also got first place in it, which no Japanese contestant has done before!

Awesome stuff right?!?!?!?

Images via Sora News 24

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