Out of all the national costumes for MISS UNIVERSE coming out of Asia, which have caught media attention thus far, this dress coming out of Singapore is the biggest “WHAT THE FUCK”. It is a “TRUMP-KIM” themed dress inspired by all the so called “peace talks” between the US (Trump) and North Korea ( Kim). Really it is not something which has anything to do with Singapore asides from the peace summit between the 2 leaders being held in Singapore – as the country was deemed as “neutral grounds”. But my question is why? Singapore has so much to offer in terms of culture and inspiration, why waste it on a summit which is really only cosmetic?

Give me Vietnam’s Banh Mi inspired dress or Japan’s Sailor Moon dress any day, because at the very least, these 2 dresses are inspired from things inherent in the culture of the respective country. This one from Singapore is a bit of a US worshiping statement rather than something inspired by Singapore culture.

This ugh national costume was designed by Mr Moe Kasim of Moephosis Concepts in collaboration with Miss Universe Singapore national director Nuraliza Osman. It will be worn at the MISS UNIVERSE competition by Miss Singapore Zahra Khanum. The dress undoubtedly caused some controversy and reactions from people and the designer has had to come out and defend the dress design.

Here is more from Channel News Asia:

Mr Kasim told Channel NewsAsia that he was instructed by organisers to “design something based on the Trump-Kim Summit”.

“I naturally thought of world peace and the elements of it, hence, the design,” Mr Kasim said in an email interview.

The Trump-Kim dress represents the third consecutive year he has designed Miss Singapore’s national costume.

Mr Kasim also admitted that he was “a little hesitant” when he first received word of the design theme.

“Honestly, I was a little hesitant at first due to the political sensitivities behind it. But in the spirit of promoting world peace, friendship and unity, I accepted the challenge.”

He added that he believed the organisers wanted to highlight “what was relevant, current and unique – something that was probably only going to happen once in our lifetime and in Singapore’s history”.

“We accepted the design challenge in the spirit of supporting Singapore’s role in promoting world peace, friendship and unity,” Mr Kasim said.

“This is just a representation of what Singapore stands for, which is world peace, and the fact that Singapore is reaching out to other countries to create positive relationships,” he added.

Sorry, but it is sounding more and more like a kissy kissy Trump’s feet move by Singapore. Why not a Hainan Chicken Rice inspired dress? A Singaporean Chilli Crab dress? or a CRAZY RICH ASIANS dress? Why does it have to be this ……..

If one is to be honest, Trump didn’t really do much on these so called “peace talks”. That mantle should go to South Korea and its President MOON JAE- IN, who has been doing the engagement and the dialogue and at the recent PyeongChang Winter Olympics had both North and South Korean Olympians walk out together during the Opening Ceremony ( among other actions). So my question is why is all the credit given to the Oval Office resident village idiot TRUMP? Jeezus!

Images via Channel News Asia

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