Star Trek Discovery and all round awesome and amazing actress MICHELLE YEOH has joined the number of high profile celebrity voices who have spoken out against HARVEY WEINSTEIN, calling him a “bully” and “not always honorable”. Michelle tells the media that she was aware of Weinstein’s reputation but has never personally experienced that side of him. She did make an awesome point which in secret ( makes me love her even more). Yeoh stated that she:

“I knew he was a bully and not always honorable. I wasn’t exposed to this side of him, otherwise he would have experienced the full effect of years of martial arts training,”

She continues and tells The Associated Press:

“Any man who treats women with such disrespect and contempt should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” 

Chinese superstar actress ZHANG ZIYI has also come out to speak against Weinstein, and said that Weinstein offered to work with her but she refused. He also promised her that she did work with him she would act in an Oscar winning role. 

“I feel lucky to have escaped working with Harvey Weinstein, even though it wasn’t from lack of trying on his part,”

 “The deals he offered were always balanced in his favor and I couldn’t accept them.

“Even though an Oscar is what every actor dream of but, I didn’t feel right that it should become something to be used in a trade,”

Both these women, I absolutely love and respect as actors who have really made it in the big world of Hollywood. The issue of sexual assault, rape and harassment is a major issue in Hollywood and it is heartening to see women coming out strongly against a POS like Weinstein. But let’s not forget the issue in the Asian film industry where sexual assault and harassment is rampant but not reported at all. Here is a piece we wrote on this a few days back to remind you of the magnitude of this issue.

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