Early rumors indicating that Michelle Yeoh had been cast in the upcoming new STAR TREK series from CBS have been confirmed (as much as anything is confirmed in the entertainment biz, anyways). Michelle Yeoh (also sometimes known as Michelle Khan) is a mega-movie-star of Chinese and Malaysian descent, who, even if you’ve never heard of her, basically locked down the bad-ass female fighter-hero type loooooong before Buffy ever picked up a stake or Scarjo ever took an aikido lesson (sorry, SISTER STREET FIGHTER fans, I know that’s a highly debatable claim, it’s just my heartfelt opinion). I mean, she’s older now, and STAR TREK is not principally an action series, so it’s unlikely that she’ll be doing any of the things she used to do in films like:

POLICE STORY 3: SUPERCOP (with Jackie Chan — she did her own stunts in this one)

TOMORROW NEVER DIES with some James Bond or other

THE HEROIC TRIO (she plays a character translated as, “The Invisible Woman” alongside Maggie Cheung and Anita Mui — it’s kind of like a Chinese Female Super-Mutant-Three-Musketeers)

Oh, and she was also in some little flick called CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. And those are just the ones I think of off the top of my head — she’s been in a slew of “serious” films without kicking, punching, swords, nor motorcycles as well — just none that I recall real well. Besides her physical skills, she has a gravitas well-suited to a Starfleet bridge. And although it’s rumored that, for a change, the captain is not the main character of this new STAR TREK series, any kind of Space Michelle Yeoh is good Michelle Yeoh, and this kind of forward-thinking casting coup gives me renewed confidence in the STAR TREK ethos, at a time when, well, we really need it, because we just elected a President Ferengi.

Yeah, I’m still not over it. But Michelle Yeoh in STAR TREK gives me new hope (whoops, crossed references there). And I can’t wait for the episode where she is revealed to be Michelle KHAAAAAAAAAN.