Back in 1998, McDonald’s released a special, vaguely racist Szechuan Sauce to tie-in with Disney’s animated feature MULAN.

It was a limited-time only promotion and the sauce has not been available in the two decades since. However, Adult Swim’s RICK AND MORTY has brought the sauce back to pop culture prominence and so McDonald’s announced it would be doing a one day only promotion on Oct. 7 where “limited quantities” of the sauce would be available.

Our pal Jimmy Wong at Feast of Fiction decided to check out the elusive Szechun Sauce for himself but, as you can see in the video above, what he found instead was a scene of chaos: long lines, disappointed customers, and even a Szechuan sauce-related gang fight that almost broke out.

McDonald’s was forced to apologize for the fiasco of a promotion, but lesson learned. And here’s one suggestion for how that lesson might be applied for a greater good: