Director Joe Carnahan (NARC, THE A-TEAM) will be helming a “reimagining” of the Indonesian martial arts classic THE RAID. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

(Carnahan) and actor Frank Grillo on Wednesday shared an Instagram video announcing the project, which would reimagine the groundbreaking 2011 Indonesian martial-arts film.

The cult action hit tells the story of a SWAT team who must fight its way to the top of a heavily protected apartment building that houses a brutal drug lord. The pic made action stars of its actors (some even made their way into Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and introduced audiences to martial art called silat.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Carnahan revealed more details of the reimagining, saying he would direct and produce the project, with Gareth Evans, helmer of the original film and its 2014 sequel, on board as an exec producer. As far as tone, Carnahan said it would resemble his 2011 Liam Neeson starrer The Grey and his 2002 crime thriller Narc.

“It’s not a remake. It’s a reimagining of the same scenario. Everybody take a deep breath. We won’t disappoint you, rabid-fanboy-from-Hell,” he tweeted. “You can’t remake The Raid, guys. It’s a fantastic film. So, ask yourselves why would we be doing it, unless we had something really special.”

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