More news from the hot Asian men side, and this time it refers to the “MAGIC MIKE LIVE” show. The awesome news is that it will feature its first Asian American dancer and yes he ticks all the boxes of being hot and looking good with clothes on and without clothes on. His name is Patrick Packing and he is of Filipino background. Barber by day and “Magic Mike” dancer by night, Packing has only been doing this for a month, doing all the sexy things, this show does. Imagine him dancing to Ginuwine’s song “Pony” in a sailor suit. Well you don’t need to imagine because that is what he does in the live show in Vegas. Ada Tseng interviewed Packing and even caught a show and this is what he said to her on PRI:

“The guys on the show have told me that the women were always asking, ‘Why isn’t there an Asian guy?’” says Packing. “They were like, ‘Don’t worry. He’s coming.’”

“I’d say eight out of 10 times, I get them standing up, just clapping in my face, saying, ‘I’m proud of you! Thank you!’” he says, laughing. “It’s honestly really cool. I’m happy I can be that person and live it up for them.”

Packing was born in the Philippines and grew up in Southern California as Ada Tseng writes:

Packing, who was born in the Philippines but grew up Southern California, has been going to Vegas regularly since he was a kid. First he went for family trips, then he partied with his friends. Once he became a professional dancer, he went for work. In 2017, he danced in the Vietnamese variety show “Paris By Night” at Planet Hollywood.

Now that he lives in Las Vegas, he joins a community of Asian American residents who are the fastest growing demographic in the county. And though the Chinese were the first Asian settlers to come to Nevada in the early 19th century, nowadays the majority of the Asian Americans in Vegas are Filipino; they make up more than triple the number of ethnic Chinese in the city.

Packing says dancers are always thinking about “leveling up.” As a teenager, he was more interested in playing basketball, but his late, older brother introduced him to Michael Jackson DVDs and asked him to be a background dancer for one of his performances. Even when Packing watched “Magic Mike,” he never imagined he’d ever be a part of this pop culture phenomenon.

“I’m doing it for us, for both me and him, and taking it as far as we can take it,” Packing says about his brother. “My goal is to just live it and keep pushing forward. Keep leveling up.”

Enjoy – that is all I will say.

Images via PRI

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