Paul Walker and his Fast and Furious family.
Paul Walker and his Fast and Furious family.

“Heaven must be full of angels. So many have departed this year.”

Someone wrote that on his Facebook wall about a month ago.

Death is a strange bedfellow, we americans are more insulated from it than say, an Afgan or a Chad or Niger citizen, but there the grim reaper sits… ready.

I didn’t know Paul Walker the actor myself, but a lot of the YOMYOMF crew did. They’ve either acted with him or have directed him or have had a late night dinner with him. And although Justin and I haven’t talked much in the last few years (he’s always off filming that Fast and Furious thing), I know his feelings run deep for those people in whom he places his trust.

I no longer live near the YOMYOMFers (most of them are LA-based), but I can tell you that the bulk of them showed up for my fiance’s funeral in April. Anson, Phil, Emmie, Iris, David, Sal, etc yes yes yes and yes. Imagine my surprise to find one of the biggest flower arrangements near the front of the coffin was from YOMYOMF. YOMYOMF is a great crew. Big loving hearts all the way around. You think it’s just work, but it’s not, it FAMILY.

Family doesn’t dole out sugar-ladened love. Family gives love in that “You have this deadline, don’t miss it.” It’s love in “I can tell you this because it’s the truth and you’re going to learn to take it.” It’s love in “I want this particular panoramic shot, I know you can do it, so go out there and do it!” It’s the love born out of respect for your co-workers; those damn co-workers who make you stretch even when you least think you can. And that’s why you f*ckin love them.

From what I’ve seen of the Fast and Furious films, they decisively took a very ‘family’ bent towards the last few films. I’m not surprised. Justin works hard to create something amazing with people he loves, and then the love just keeps growing.

And family mourns when it loses one of its own.

My condolences to the YOMYOMF crew and their Fast and Furious brothers and sisters… may you hold each other tight today.

Family first.
Family first.


  1. A wonderful person with a wonderful heart taken from us far too young. He will be missed. R.I.P. Paul!

  2. Truly sad news. Condolences to the Fast and YOMYOMF families on their loss.

  3. It just seems unreal. I’m so sick over this.

  4. I’m so, so sorry. You must be beyond shocked and devastated.