Hey this is pretty awesome, and it is great for those who follow strict Chinese traditional practices after childbirth. Unfortunately with the need for both parents to work, and many women not wanting to be confined to their home, this tradition of Chinese new mums staying home is not practiced as much. There are many little rituals which must be followed including washing your hair with warm water, then blow dried (this has evolved from old days of not washing your hair at all for a month).

The other parts which are not too difficult to adopt is to eat certain foods which the Chinese believe will help make you stronger, healthier and recover a lot easier and faster as well as the recommendations of keeping warm and staying indoors. A startup called HEALTHYMUMMIES has started up by 2 British Chinese women, who will prepare all the meals adapted from Chinese culture and tradition for Chinese women who want to follow the traditional diet of confinement. 

NeeHao Magazine continues:

HealthyMummies which is based in London now offers a premium Chinese postnatal confinement meal delivery service, catering for new mums within the M25. This is a long-awaited service that has finally been brought here to the UK, in light of the increasing number of Chinese in the UK and the notedly increasing demand for such services. What is great with their concept is that they have retained the classic recipes served during this recovery period such as the pork knuckle stew in sweet vinegar (猪脚酱醋) and sesame oil chicken (麻油鸡), yet at the same time modernising some recipes to suit today’s taste.

The company’s aim is to offer a premium postnatal confinement food delivery service for new mums as well as their families. They believe in providing a service that will bring the families together through nutritious and good quality food, teas and soup tonics. Their packages are designed and tailored to each mum by the week, with the aim of restoring the body of much needed nutrients and to eliminate toxins after childbirth.

HealthyMummies is brought to life by its two partners, Macy and Jo who themselves were looking for a similar service in the UK but as they could not locate one, they decided to set the company up with the aim of providing a Chinese postnatal aftercare service and support network for Chinese mums in London.

Founders Nancy and Jo

If you are interested to check it out, here is their website: HealthyMummies.co.uk. These women are worthwhile supporting, being young British East Asian women making a difference!

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