The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, right, in the Indian Ocean last week.

You may have heard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which President Trump had previously said was on its way to the waters off North Korea as a show of force actually was nowhere near the waters of North Korea. In fact, we learned today that it was heading in the opposite direction toward the Indian Ocean.


Where in the holy fuck to even begin with this?!

Putting aside the fact of how incredibly incompetent of a blunder that was and how it makes the U.S. look more like the world’s Keystone Kops as opposed to the world’s police, it’s an action that the Korean media is reporting as an “insult” to the Korean people.

Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo’s Wednesday headline read: “Trump’s lie over the Carl Vinson. Xi Jinping and Putin must have had a good jeer over this one.”

The article went on to say: “Like North Korea, which is often accused of displaying fake missiles during military parades, is the United States, too, now employing ‘bluffing’ as its North Korea policy?”

Compounding this was a new Wall Street Journal interview with Trump where the Orange bumpkin stated that Korea “used to be a part of China.”

If you know Koreans, the one thing they do not lack is a strong sense of nationalistic pride and they weren’t going to let such an “ignorant” statement stand.

“No respectable historian would make such a claim (that Korea used to be part of China),” Kyung Moon Hwang, a history professor at the University of Southern California, told Quartz.

“The 50 million South Koreans, as well as many common-sensical people around the world, cannot help but feel embarrassed and shocked,” said Youn Kwan-suk, spokesman of the main opposition Democratic Party.

Oh, and turns out Trump might have no clue who the leader of North Korea actually is.

This incredible incompetence on the part of Donald Trump and his Funky Bunch would otherwise be laughably hilarious except when you realize that this ass clown is the leader of the free world and his incompetence could literally bring about the end of the world.