When first coming out to Los Angeles in 1993, I’ve often wondered why in 2nd most populated city of America we couldn’t have a better Pride, i.e. LGBTQ annual celebration. In these two decades, I’ve sadly witnessed L.A. Pride becoming less and less of a celebration of LGBTQ identity and diversity and simply turning into a profit-driven and exclusive “one drug drunk party.”

This year, the organizer Christopher Street West Association Inc. and the city of West Hollywood are re-branding L.A. Pride into a music festival, now being nicknamed as “Gaychella,” and intend to charge a whopping $35/day to enter the festival.

Historically, L.A. Pride has been a ho-hum pride festival pale in comparison to New York’s Pridefest and San Francisco Pride that are both free to the public.

I haven’t really protested since my Berkeley undergrad days, but I do feel that this pride season is a good time to say something and try to change our city for a better pride.

I invite you to sign my petition to put pride and inclusiveness back in L.A. Pride.