A fan of all things deep fried and sweet, I just had a churro experience this past weekend that tops even my Spanish churro and chocolate experience in Barcelona.  After watching multiple episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ and Andrew Zimmern’s ‘Bizarre Foods’ on the Travel Network, I’ve been reminded that some of the most tasty, soulful, and inexpensive food can be found on the street.  So on Saturday night, I dashed out to the heart of Koreatown on 8th and Irolo where a handful of taco trucks and food vendors hawking everything from homemade tamales, beef rib tacos, and hot dogs abound, to satiate my craving.  And there, I saw a man selling his churros at his humble cart.  Five for one dollar, the churros were a bit thicker than your average, skinny, soulless pre-fab churro usually seen at amusement parks and county fairgrounds.  These were substantial churros.  A crunchy, deep fried shell encasing a delicate, spongy center that teased the palate with a faint egg custard-like aroma, these churros reminded me of the best French-style crullers I ever had.  24 hours later, I went back to get my churro fix but saw no sign of the truck.  Perhaps next time…

What are your memorable street food experiences?  Special thanks in advance for favorite picks in LA!


  1. Never really had street food experience before. So that’s a churro, I was thinking some kind of skinny burrito the kind you can get at 7 eleven 247. We call them cinnamon sticks where I’m from. I also misread that word as a chubby at first I thought that was pretty funny.

  2. Oh man, I love the hotdog vendors post club shut downs. They were wrapped in bacon and after dancing around to loud thumping music that brings you to the verge of deafness…well it’s just sooo goood.

  3. In Hong Kong eating grilled chicken…but thats because I was spending Chinese New Year with a s.o.

  4. Now I’m craving churros. Do you know the name of the churro cart at least?

  5. Phil-He’s the man with no name and just sells churros out of a metal cart. He hangs out next to the handful of vendors selling tamales out of iceboxes on the Southwest corner of 8th and Irolo. Spotted him on a Sat night and didn’t see him on Sun. Obviously I should have asked him what days he shows up but I was so enraptured by the churros my brain shut down.

  6. sorry…not LA, but NYC = Italian Ice.
    Some hot dogs are ok, others are kinda gross. YMMV.