Last weekend I attended the premiere of Kristina Wong’s web-series RADICAL CRAM school, where the education for young Asian women and young women of color is to teach them about the resistance and equip them for the future to make this world a women’s world. It looks to answer the following questions for young girls:

How do we keep girls of color from internalizing the racist and misogynistic rhetoric amplified by the election of a presidential bully? 

How do we empower them to embrace their identities and become allies to other social movements?

Each web-series episode is around 3 – 5 minutes and features nine kids of Asian American heritage, ages 7 to 11, eight of whom identify as girls and one who identifies as gender fluid. Hosted by the awesome Kristina Wong this 6 part web-series is unscripted Kristina and the kids play games, put on a puppet show, and sing the blues to explore topics such as structural racism, misogyny, identity, and bullying. While the subject matter skews mature, the kids’ unscripted reactions are hilarious and heartwarming. Puppeteer Anna Michelle Wang is featured in two episodes with her popular Asian American puppet character, Hanna Rochelle.

So what are my thoughts on attending the premiere? Well first I do want to say it was so refreshing to see that there is hope for the next next generation of Asian women, who at the age of 7 – 11 already have an understanding about oppression, racism, misogyny and gender diversity. I think that kudos goes to their parents for opening up their minds, and then RADICAL CRAM SCHOOL for expanding on that knowledge. Secondly all the young girls were so cute, and speaking to a few of them they are very confident and have a lot of mature opinions for their age on social issues.

I think if you have an Asian daughter, little sister, cousin etc and they are Asian or a young girl of color, then please get them to check out RADICAL CRAM SCHOOL. The series has been released on YouTube today, so please check it out!