The last time a publication that included pre-colonial Philippine script writing was in 1963. Now, Kristian Kabuay plans to break that five and a half decade absence with the release of Surat Magazine next spring.

Kabuay is a San Francisco artist and educator who specializes in keeping the practice of these writing systems alive; especially when currently, only one tribe in the Philippines still utilizes it. Surat (to write) Magazine will be written mainly in these writing systems, in multiple languages, covering a wide variety of topics such as culture, food, art, poetry, travel, and more.

Surat Magazine can be both a beginning for newbies with the helpful primer that will be included in it and a test for experienced readers and writers. Kabuay also hopes that this inaugural issue will be the genesis of normalizing the writing systems for future generations to keep it going.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched today for the first issue. Check it out for all the details and the perks. To learn a little more about who Kabuay is and what he does, check out this video feature AJ+ did about him that went viral a few months ago.